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St. John, Larned runners earn medals
A.J. Miller
St. John varsity runner-up A.J. Miller.

HAYS — St. John’s A.J. Miller placed runner-up (17:48.8) in the junior-senior division at the Hays-Thomas More Prep cross country meet. Lakin (32) placed first followed by St. John (39) and Cimarron (57).

Larned’s Brayden Lothman placed fifth (18:13.13).

Other St. John junior-senior runners were 7th-place medalist Uriel Calleros (18:31.7) and 15th-place medalist Dylan Reed (20:24.5).

 “AJ and Uriel ran very well for the first meet. It was nice to see some of our younger guys earn medals,” said St. John coach Joel Delp. “ We need to come back and work hard on our conditioning. This group has potential, and they will be ready to work hard.”

In the girls junior-senior division, Larned’s Cierra Nord placed third (22;40.54) and Makayla Leiker finished eighth (25:15.51). 

Larned competes at Hesston Thursday. St. John competes at Wamego Saturday.



TEAM SCORES JR.-SR.—1—Lakin 32; St. John 39; 3—Cimarron 57

TOP 10 MEDALISTS JR.-SR.—1—Garcia, Lakib, 17:43.39; 2—A.J. Miller, SJ, 17:48.72; 3—Santisteven, Cimarron, 18:01.88; 4—Burman, Cimarron, 18:06.27; 5—Braydon Lothman, Larned, 18:13.13; 6—Friess, Christian Family, 18:19.23; 7—Uriel Calleros, SJ, 18:31.69; 8—McCullough, Plainville, 18:32.69; 9—Schulte, Victoria, 19:23.42; 10—Daniels, Lakin, 19:31.01 

ST. JOHN—15—Dylan Reed, 20:24.5; 19—Marshall Woolf, 20:48; 20—Trey Fisher, 20:58.6; 23—Dalton Nemec, 21:38.4; 31—Austin Woolf, 24:19.3  

LARNED—13—Ethan Haas, 19:41.16; 27—Chance Sanger, 23:04.91 

TEAM SCORES FR.-SO.—1—Hutchinson Trinity 19; 2—Lakin 48; 3—Palco 67 

TOP 10 MEDALISTS FR.-SO.—1—Armour, HT, 18:47.76; 2—Bretz, Hoxie, 18:48.59; 3—Binder, TMP, 19:11.53; 4—Beymer, Lakin, 19:14.77; 5—Godina, HT, 19:15.66; 6—Kiser, HT, 19:36.12; 7—Luna, Ness City, 20:06.7; 8—Lopez, Cimarron, 20:14.09; 9—Wannamaker, HT, 20:19.37; 10—Isbell, TMP, 20:22.94

ST. JOHN—11—Dominic Miller, 20:26.8; 15—Nick Huston, 21:33.7; 27—Austin Kuhn, 23:59.9  


TEAM SCORES JR. SR—1—Hutchinson Trinity 15

TOP 10 JR. SR. MEDALISTS—1—Bartlett, Cimarron, 21:38.24; 2—Diercks, Hoxie, 22:19.79; 3—Cierra Nord, Larned, 22:40.54; 4—Riedel, TMP, 23:52.08; 5—Rueschoff, TMP, 24:13.77; 6—Garcia, HT, 24:41.53; 7—Keller, Palco, 25:11.16; 8—Makayla Leiker, Larned, 25:15.51; 9—Schrock, HT, 26:17.08; 10—Robben, Hoxie, 27:16.88

LARNED—19—Riki Young, 34:03.79 

TEAM SCORES FR. SO.—1—Hutchinson Trinity 41; 2—Lakin 46; 3—TMP 58; 4—Cimarron 67

TOP 10 FR.SOPHOMORE MEDALISTS—1—Pope, TMP, 22:34.16; 2—Josiah Ortiz, Lakin, 23:41.04; 3—Enochs, Smith Center, 23:43.26; 4—Galliher, HT, 24:15.09; 5—Wells, HT, 24:20.8; 6—Jordan Ortiz, Lakin, 23:27.79; 7—Vanderk, Lakin, 24:37.3; 8—Heimerman, HT, 24:41.72; 9—Allen, TMP, 24:45.34; 10—Medina, Cimarron, 24:45.74

LARNED—20—Aylice Clawson, 28:09.35; 25—Sarah Manry, 31:16.71