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St. John runners place third at Wamego
St. John
The St. John Tigers placed third at Saturday's Wamego Invitational cross country meet. Tigers Marshall Woolf, Dominic Miller, A.J. Miller, Uriel Calleros, Trey Fisher, Dylan Reed, Coach Joel Delp.

WAMEGO — St. John’s A.J. Miller earned third medalist honors (18:00.5) at Saturday’s Wamego Invitational, the preview for the state cross country meet. St. John placed third (143) behind Silver Lake (35) and Norton (104) in the Class 3-1A meet. 

A 90-degree day with windy conditons greeted the runners hwo hope to return to Wamego on the hilly state cross country course. 

The Tigers also ran 19th-place medalist Uriel Calleros (18:58.8); Trey Fisher (19:05.6), Dylan Reed (20:33.7), Dominic Miller (20:40.4) and Marshall Woolf (21:53.1).  

“We ran a lot better this week, especially for the second meet of the season on a hilly course,” said St. John coach Joel Delp “It gives us experience running the state course. It gives us an idea what we need to work on.  We still have big gaps and will need to work to close those.”

Ellinwood’s Ashler Miller placed 32nd (19:30.5) to lead the Eagles.

ELLINWOOD GIRLS — Ellinwood’s Erin Hammeke placed third (20:50.1) to lead the Eagle girls in the 3-1A girls division. Ellinwood captured last year’s 2A state championship. Ashtin Klepper (22:47.7), Gracie Schlessiger ( 28:55.9) and Brooklin Morgan (32:06.2) also ran for the Eagles.  


BOYS 5K (3-1A)

TEAM SCORES—1—Silver Lake 35; 2—Norton 104; 3—St. John 143; 21—Ellinwood 491

TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Nelson, Lawrence Seabury,17:05.9; 2—Hall, Norton, 17:53.3; 3—A.J. Miller, St. John, 18:00.5; 4—Kaniper, SL, 18:08.0; 5—King, Norton, 18:14.7; 6—Voss, Colby, 18:22.5; 7—Lee, Marysville, 18;28.0; 8—Cameron VanEyck SL, 18:37.4; 9—Giefer, WaKeeey-Trego,  18:37.5; 10—Gabe TenEyck, SL, 18:43.7.

ST. JOHN—19—Uriel Calleros, 18:58.9; 23—Trey Fisher, 19:05.6; 62—Dylan Reed, 20:33.7; 68—Dominic Miller, 20:40.0; 109—Marshall Woolf, 21:53.1. 

ELLINWOOD—32—Ashler Miller, 19:30.5; 116—Kaden Baird, 22:15.2; 141—Sam Brauer, 23:43.0; 159—Presten McCord, 26:13.4; 163—Devin Krabbe, 26:59.1; 169—Logan Sturtz, 28:57.1; 171—Gus Corbett, 29:21.6. 


GIRLS 5K (3-1A)

TEAM SCORES.—1—Norton 59; 2—Rossville 76; 3—Bennington 93 

TOP 10 MEDALISTS—1—Giefer, Trego,  19:30.2; 2—Nelson, Lawrence Seabury,  20:38.8; 3—Erin Hammeke, Ellinwood, 20:50.1; 4—Harbaugh, Bennington, 20:57.6; 5—Piepho, Bennington, 21:14.1; 6—Kats, Norton, 21:18.7; 7—Clevenger, Doniphan West, 21:32.8; 8—Zitter, Christ Prep, 21:39.3; 9—Farmer, Silver Lake, 21:56.9; 10—Bailey, Norton, 22:00.9.

ELLINWOOD—21—Ashtin Klepper, 22:47.7; 109—Gracie Schlessiger, 28:55.9; 130—Brooklin Morgan, 32:06.2.  

Area runners compete at Pratt

PRATT — Macksville’s Madison Butler captured medalist honors (22:15.0) at Saturday’s Skyline Invitational cross country meet. The weather was warm and windy. Mustangs earning top 10 medals were sixth-place Abigail Ibarra (26:12); eighth-place Joselin Garcia (26:14) and ninth-place Melanie Vargas (27:02).

Macksville’s Kaylee Hottovy (31:05.) finished runner-up in the JV girls race. Mustang Alexis Barron (21:18) finished third in the JV boys race.  

St. John’s Lydia Reed (6:40.81) won the seventh-grade girls division and Tiger Quade Smith (5:40.16) won the boys seventh-garde division.  


MACKSVILLE GIRLS—1—Madison Butler, 22:15.0; 6—Abigail Ibarra, 26;12;  8—Joselin Garcia, 26:14; 9—Melanie Vargas, 27:02; 11—Anna Suiter, 28:00; 14—Karen Hall, 30:10.

MACKSVILLE BOYS—26—James Lee, 23:00.

ST. JOHN BOYS— 20—Dalton Nemec, 21:42.4.

MACKSVILLE JV BOYS—3—Alexis Barron, 21:18; 5—Jessa Nava, 22:32; 9—Alex Mandez, 23:55; 21—Yovanny Martinez, 27:46; 23—Thoran Cross, 29:28.

MACKSVILLE JV GIRLS—2—Kaylee Hottovy, 31:05; 3—Caren Holguin, 31:12; 5—Kiley Blevins, 34:06; 6—Elena Kuckelman, 36:40.

ST. JOHN JV BOYS—4—Nicholas Huston, 22:29.48; 12—Toby Woolf, 24:40.44; 13—Austin Woolf, 25:00.93; 17—Austin Kuhn, 26;58.7.


ST. JOHN 7TH GRADE GIRLS—1—Lydia Reed, 6:40.81; 5—Nerissa Leckenby, 7:08.17.

ST. JOHN 7TH GRADE BOYS—1—Quade Smith, 5:50.16; 10—Keldon Bunker, 6:57.33; 11—Braxton Alpers, 7:00.69; 14—Josh Chapman, 7:21.89; 18—Jace Reyes, 7:30.23; 26—Chris Fernandez, 8:55.12; 28—Julio Lozano, 10:27.51.

ST. JOHN 8TH GRADE BOYS—9—Carter Haney, 16:21.87.