One seriously injured in Great Bend explosion
One person received what were described as critical injuries in an explosion reported at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday at 705 10th St. in Great Bend.
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Two Larned wrestlers place first at Circle wrestling
Carter Atteberry

TOWANDA — Larned's No. 5 state-ranked Luke Fischer (29-3, 190) and No. 3 ranked Carter Atteberry (22-6. 215) captured first-place medals at the Circle Wrestling Tournament.  

Fischer surprised No. 3 ranked Council Grove's Ace Monihen, 6-0 in the championship match. Atteberry defeated Girard's Arrick Williams 7-4 in the finals.

Stafford's Caden McCandless (27-11, 175)) placed third with a pin over Garden Plains' Thane Stuhlsatz (4:44).



138—Cade Parr, L (16-16); Parr pinned Bohnenblust, Clearwater, 0:48; McWhorter, Labette pinned Parr, 0:32; Hall, Coffeyville pinned Parr, 0:59

144—Jameson Smith, L (16-17); Others, Hesston pinned Smith, 3:55; Smith pinned Bauer, Girard, 2:44; Monroe, Nickerson def. Smith, 11-9 (OT)

157—Matthew Figger, L (10-23); Friess, Parsons pinned Figger, 4:36; Figger pinned Cerney, Circle, 3:50; Akins, Coffeyville  pinned Matthew Figger, 4:36

175—Landon Haney, L (9-17); Finney, Clearwater  pinned Haney, 1:19; Haney def. Ketterl, Nickerson, 6-2; Kormanik, CG def. haney, 4-2

190—No. 5 Luke Fischer, L (29-3), 1ST; Fischer pinned Parsons Buhler, 1:56; Fischer pinned Kermode Circle, 0:40; Fischer pinned Kuehn Cheney, 0:24; 1ST—Fischer def. Ace Monihen, CG, 6-0

215—No. 3 Carter Atteberry, L (22-6), 1ST; Atteberry pinned Hartung, Hesston, 1:05; Atteberry pinned Hambleton, Labette, 2:50; Atteberry def. Holt, SV, 3-1 (OT); 1ST—Atteberry def.  Arrick Williams, Girard, 7-4


138—Lukas Schwab, S (6-30); Schwab def. Newman Halstead, 15-4; McWhorter, Labette pinned Schwab, 3:05; Bohnenblust, Clearwater pinned Schwab, 0:33

144—Lane Schwab, S (11-26); Divine, Halstead  pinned Schwab, 1:00; Westervelt, Coffeyville def. Schwab, 14-3

157—Abe Llanas, S (12-21); Llanas def. Wry, Labette 5-2; Rodgers, CG def. Llanas, 16-0; Kohls, Augusta pinned Llanas, 0:36

165—Zander Nickelson, S (2-11); Redger, Hillsboro pinned Nickelson, 0:58; Lopez, Eureka pinned Nickelson, 2:32

165—Dylan Metzger, S (1-9);  Van Kleeck, Nickerson pinned Metzger, 3:40; Williams Frontenac pinned Metzger, 2:39

175—Caden McCandless, S (27-11), 3RD; Easley, Burden def. McCandless, injury; McCandless def. Anderson Buhler, 4-3; McCandless pinned Ricciardi, Frontenac, 1:21; McCandless def. Kormanik, CG 6-2; McCandless pinned Rose, Circle, 2:53; 3RD—McCandless pinned Thane Stuhlsatz, GP, 4:44

285—Axel Ortiz, S (7-16); Brack, Ellis  pinned Ortiz, 2:44; Lilly, GP pinned Ortiz, 3:40


113—Addrick Nelson, N (12-10), 5TH; Parsons, Buhler pinned Nelson, 4:54; Nelson pinned Seibel, Ellis, 4:32; Chance, Frontenac def. Nelson, 12-4; 5TH—Nelson def. Harman, Clearwater, 6-2

126—Sabastian Tidd, N (5-16); Frazier, Flinthills pinned Tidd, 4:48; Simmons, Hillsboro  def. Tidd, 13-6

144—Kristopher Monroe, N (10-13); Monroe pinned Young, SV, 3:40; Mader, Ellis def. Monroe, 12-8; Monroe def. Smith, 11-9; Roeder, Buhler def. Monroe, 14-4

150—Calvin White, N (5-3); White pinned Nickelson GP, 2:55; Frazier, Frontenac pinned 1:24; Kerns, Buhler pinned White, 1:44

157—Gabriel Cesar, N (4-13); Jones, Frontenac pinned Cesar, 2:24; Cesar pinned Ryba, Cheney, 5:21; Stambaugh, SV pinned Cesar 1:56

165—Alerek Van Kleeck, N (4-12); Van Kleeck pinned Metzger, Stafford, 3:40; Tayler, Girard pinned Van Kleeck, 0:48; Luis, SV pinned Van Kleeck, 4:48

175—Kaden Ketterl, N (0-2); Neal, Flinthills pinned Ketterl, 3:53; Haney, Larned def. Ketterl, 6-2