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2013 NFL Draft trades
Thursday, April 25
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Thursday, April 25

1, Oakland traded its first-round pick (No. 3) to Miami for the Dolphins' first- (No. 12) and second-round (No. 42) picks. Miami selected Dion Jordan, de, Oregon. Oakland selected D.J. Hayden, db, Houston and (No. 42).

2, Buffalo traded its first- (No. 8) and third-round (No. 71) picks to St. Louis for the Rams' first- (No. 16); second- (No. 46); third- (No. 78) and seventh-round (No. 222) picks. St. Louis selected Tavon Austin, wr, West Virginia and (No. 71). Buffalo selected EJ Manuel, qb, Florida State; (No. 46); (No. 78) and (No. 222).

3, Dallas traded its first-round pick (No. 18) to San Francisco for the 49ers' first- (No. 31) and third-round (No. 74) picks. San Francisco selected Eric Reid, db, LSU. Dallas selected Travis Frederick, c, Wisconsin and (No. 74).

4, St. Louis traded its first-round pick (No. 22) and a 2015 seventh-round pick to Atlanta for the Falcons' first- (No. 30); third- (No. 92); and sixth-round (No. 198) picks. Atlanta selected Desmond Trufant, db, Washington. St. Louis selected Alec Ogletree, lb, Georgia; (No. 92) and (No. 198).

5, New England traded its first-round pick (No. 29) to Minnesota for the Vikings' second- (No. 52); third- (No. 83); fourth- (No. 102) and seventh-round (No. 229) picks. Minnesota selected Cordarrelle Patterson, wr, Tennessee. New England selected (No. 52); (No. 83); (No. 102) and (No. 229).