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Waters donates storage building to Sunflower Diversified Services
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Michael Mayhill, store manager at Waters True Value, left, donates a new storage building to Connie Oetken and John Lichter, both representing Sunflower Diversified Services. We are truly grateful to Waters for its continued support of Sunflower, Oetken said. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

                Michael Mayhill views his employer’s recent donation to Sunflower Diversified Services as a three-prong approach to neighbor helping neighbor.

            Mayhill, store manager of Waters True Value, 1649 K-96, explained the three parts are Waters’ customers, Sunflower’s programs and the people who benefit from those programs. The result is a brand new storage building for Sunflower.

            “As a non-profit agency, Sunflower supports those who need a little extra help in their everyday lives,” Mayhill said. “Waters shares the same values. Helping people is really what we both do day in and day out.

            “When we are able to play a small part in helping Sunflower reach its goals, it is just the right thing to do,” he added.

            Sunflower serves infants, toddlers and adults with developmental delays and disabilities in Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Rush and Stafford counties.

            Waters True Value has a history of supporting Sunflower’s fundraisers, with such items as donations to its silent auctions and providing tents for various events.

            “Waters would not be able to help Sunflower without our customers,” Mayhill noted. “We know the community has many choices - from other local stores to the faceless abyss of online companies that have no ties to the local economy.

            “We are a local, homegrown company and take pride in customer service,” he continued. “Our customers support us, we support Sunflower and Sunflower supports people with disabilities.”

            The 10-foot-by-16-foot STURDI-BILT structure is located toward the rear of Sunflower’s 1521 K-96 facility. Its retail price is $3,300.

            John Lichter, Sunflower’s director of facility management, said maintenance items such as mowers, weed eaters and hand tools have found a new home in the building.

            “We are so appreciative of this True Value donation,” Lichter said. “It is going to be much more efficient. In the past, we just had to try to find space in different areas. It’s nice to have things under one roof.”

            Jon Prescott, Sunflower executive director, also voiced his appreciation.

            “It’s amazing how our local businesses appreciate the importance of the services we provide to people with disabilities and delays in our five-county area,” Prescott said. “We are extremely blessed to have Waters True Value as our neighbor and be the beneficiaries of its generosity.”

            Sunflower is in its 51styear.