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Subscriber Vacation Stop/Start

You have two different options to have your delivery stopped when you go out of town. 

Stop delivery of the Tribune: This will stop your newspaper for the time you are away. You will not get these papers delivered upon your return, instead your copies will be donated to your area school's Newspapers in Education program.

Hold delivery of the Tribune: Your carrier will hold your papers until your return, at which time the held papers will be delivered to you on the requested restart date.

Please select the option that works best for you. You can use the following form or call Circulation at 620-792-1211 for more options.

Cut off time for next day requests: 2 pm Monday-Thursday
Cut off time for weekend requests: 2 pm Friday

All requests after the deadline will be processed for the publication following the next business day. Held papers will only be delivered on a regular publication day.

Your subscription to the eTribune with unlimited article access remains active during your stop/hold delivery period.

Please provide first and last name or company name.
Please provide complete delivery address including street address, city, state and zip code.
Telephone number including area code in case we need to contact you.
Please enter date in this format: XX/XX/20xx.
Please enter date in this format: XX/XX/20xx.
Please provide any additional pertinent information.