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County web site offers property details
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“Barton County’s patience has paid off.”
That is how County Appraiser Barbara Konrade described a new, important step forward for the public’s access to local property information.
Konrade was referring to the new application that local residents can access through the county’s Internet site to gain information about property across the county.
“Users can search for information by map, address or owner name,” Konrade explained about the ORKA — Open Records for Kansas Appraisers — tool that is available at the county website.
The appraiser explained that the tool is available by going to the county site —
On the first page of that web site, there is an entry entitled: “Real Estate Property Search.”
Users “click” on that identifier and they will go to the ORKA site.
Click “OK” on the first page and the site goes to a map of the county and the searching can begin.
She explained the county was patient and the state has funded this process, allowing access for the county without additional costs. “This is a free product. The county didn’t pay anything on this.”
The site provides a great deal of information on each parcel, including its current valuation, legal description, the taxing entity it is assigned to and more.
Konrade added that if additional information is needed after a parcel has been identified, the patron can contact her office for help.