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Central Plains' Peyton Ryan stays unbeaten
peyton ryan3
Oiler Peyton Ryan

HESSTON – Central Plains Oiler Peyton Ryan downed Wichita Collegiate’s Charlie Gentile 8-6 to capture the singles championship at Tuesday’s Hesston Tennis Tournament. Ryan (22-0) is a 2-time 3-1A state runner-up. Ryan placed runner-up at state and Gentile finished third last year.

Camden Stiles (17-6) finished fourth. Stiles won 8-6 over Smoky Valley’s Keaton Leiker, last year’s ninth-place finisher. Paxton Dody/Peyton Dody (16-8) placed 10th. Nethan Cauthon/Alden Metro (17-6) placed 15th.

“It was definitely the toughest meet we’ve played at,” said Oiler coach Michael Ryan. “There was tons of good competition. We played pretty well. We’ll keep battling and continue to improve before postseason."

The Oilers compete at Pratt Friday.


TEAM SCORES— 1—Wichita Collegiate 130; 2—Buhler 116; 3—Central Plains 103; 4—Newton 91; 5—Hesston 75; 6—Smoky Valley 72; 7—Scott City 63; 8—Conway Springs 55; 9—Marysville 47; 10—McPherson 45; 11—Wichita Trinity 43; 12—Hutchinson Trinity 23; 13—Lyons 12.


SINGLES—1—Peyton Ryan, CP def. Charlie Gentile, WC, 8-6; Ryan def. Aiden Adams, WT, 8-0; Ryan def. Omar Al Tabbal, WC, 8-0; Ryan def. Camden Stiles, CP, 8-0; Stiles def. Reily Grajeda, HT, 8-0; Stiles def. Keaton Leiker, SV, 8-6; 3—Davian Spies, Buhler def. Stiles, 8-2

DOUBLES—9—Ezekiel Baker/Gabriel Baker, SV def. Paxton Dody/Peyton Dody, CP, 8-4

Dody/Dody def. Preston Sebits/Noah Hiebert, Hesston, 8-0; Rahul Madhavan/Reide Rasberry, WC def. Dody/Dody, 8-6; Dody/Dody def. Avry Noll/Sage Stoecklein, Scott City, 8-2; Dody/Dody def. Isaac Winter/Layne Whitney, Conway Springs, 8-4; 15—Nethan Cauthon/Alden Metro, CP def. Owen Neighbors/Charles Krug, Mc, forfeit; Dody/Dody def. Madden/Wuertz, HT, 8-3l Nate Haines/Gage Marsh, Newton def. Cauthon/Metro, 8-1; Baker/Baker, SV def. Cauthon/Metro, 8-0; Kade Bonville/Dante Franco, Scott City def. Cauthon/Metro, 8-4