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Kansas voters can change party affiliation until July 1-this year
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This year, voters can change party affiliation until July 1 despite new legislation passed by the state of Kansas, according to Donna Zimmerman, Barton County Clerk. When HB 2210 is published in the Kansas Register on July 1-that is the date the new law will go into effect.
HB 2210 forbids changing parties after the candidate filing deadline of June 1. Hereafter, June 1 will be the deadline for voters with a declared party affiliation to change.
So, this will be the last year registered voters can change party affiliation from Republican or Democrat until July 1, said Zimmerman.
In addition, the last day for a new voter to register is July 15 and new voters can declare a party until that time.
Unaffiliated voters can declare a party the day of the primary in Aug. 5. They have to remain with that party until voter registration opens up again Sept. 1, said Zimmerman.
Democratic Party
National/State Offices
U.S. Senator: Chad Taylor, Topeka; Patrick Wiesner, Lawrence
U.S. House, 1st District: Bryan Whitney, Wichita; James Sherow, Manhattan
Governor/Lt.Governor: Paul Davis, Lawrence/Jill Docking, Wichita
Secretary of State: Jean Kurtis Schodorf, Wichita    
State Treasurer: Carmen Alldritt, Topeka
Attorney General: A. J. Kotich, Topeka
Commissioners of Insurance: Dennis Anderson, Overland Park
Rep. 113th District: Steve Muehleisen, Great Bend

Republican Party
National/State Offices
U.S. Senator: Pat Roberts, Dodge City; Milton Wolf, Leawood; D. J. Smith, Osawatomie; Alvin E. Zahnter, Russell
U.S. House, 1st District: Alan LaPolice, Clyde; Tim Huelskamp, Fowler
Governor/Lt. Governor: Jennifer Winn, Haysville/ /Robin R. Lais, Wichita; Sam Brownback, Topeka/Jeff Colyer, Overland Park
Secretary of State: Scott Morgan, Lawrence; Kris Kobach, Piper
State Treasurer:Ron Estes, Wichita
Attorney General: Derek Schmidt, Independence
Commissioner of Insurance: Beverly Gossage, Eudora; David Powell, El Dorado; Ken Selzer, Leawood; John M. Toplikar, Olathe; Clark Shultz, Lindsborg
Rep.  112th District: John Edmonds, Great Bend
Rep. 113th District: Jeremy “Basil” Dannebohm, Ellinwood
State BOE, 5th District: Sally Cauble, Dodge City; Meg Wilson, Great Bend
24th Judicial District Judge: Bruce Gatterman, Larned

Barton County Candidates
•Barton County Commissioner 1st District: Kenny Schremmer (Rep.) Hoisington
•Barton County Commissioner 4th District: Kenneth A. Lebbin (Rep.) Ellinwood; Alicia D. (Schartz) Straub (Rep.)Ellinwood
•Barton County Commissioner 5th District: Dean Akings (Rep.) Great Bend; Jennifer Schartz (Rep.) Great Bend
•Albion Township: Clerk, Ronald (Rocky) Meitner (Rep.); Committeeman/Committeewoman, Wesley E. Radcliffe (Rep.)
•Beaver Township: Clerk, David Dolechek (Rep.); Committeeman/Committeewoman, Leonard Moeder (Rep.); Linda Moeder (Rep.)
•Buffalo Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Mark D. Calcara (Rep.); Kristy Hogan (Rep.)
•Cheyenne Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, John E. Bogner (Rep.); Juanita W. Bogner (Rep.)
•Clarence Township:  Clerk, Greg Kellar (Rep.)
•Cleveland Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Jack Willenberg (Rep.)
•Comanche Township: Clerk, Mary K. Barrow (Dem.): Committeeman/Committeewoman, James Stevens (Rep.); Pam Wornkey (Rep.)
•Eureka Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Shelly R. Schneider (Rep.)
•Fairview Township: n/a
•Grant Township: Clerk, Emerson MacDonald (Dem.)
•Great Bend Township: Clerk, Timothy M. Hammeke (Rep.); Township “A” Committeeman/Committeewoman, Richard A. Ball (Rep.); Beverly P. Komarek (Rep.); Velma L. Kraft (Dem.)
Township “B” Committeeman/Committeewoman, J. Keith Beckwith (Rep.); Oleta L. Beckwith (Rep.)
•North HomesteadClerk, Richard W. Lacey (Dem.); Committeeman/Committeewoman, Gene Manweiler (Rep.); Mary Anne Stoskopf (Rep.)
•South Homestead: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Terry Radenberg (Rep.); Kyle Radenberg (Rep.)
•Independent Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Kim Connell (Rep.); Mark Connell (Rep.)
•Lakin Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Monty Strecker (Rep.); Catherine R. Strecker (Rep.)
•Liberty Township: n/a
•Logan Township: Clerk, Joseph V. Zink (Rep.)
•Pawnee Rock Township: Committeeman/Committeewoman, Earl Allen Schmidt (Rep.); Charlotte Schmidt (Rep.)
•South Bend Township: Clerk, Lance Walters (Rep.)
•Union Township: n/a
•Walnut Township: Clerk, Dale Kuhlman (Rep.);“Walnut-Albert” Committeeman/Committeewoman, Richard Elmore (Rep.)
•Wheatland Township: n/a
•Great Bend 2P-1W Committeeman/Committeewoman, Kenneth J. Link (Rep.)
•Great Bend 3P-1W Committeeman/Committeewoman, Paul A. Jacobs (Rep.)
•Great Bend 1P-2W Committeeman/Committeewoman, Perry Schuetz (Rep.); Nancy Schuetz (Rep.)
•Great Bend 3P-2W Committeeman/Committeewoman:Robert A. Parrish (Rep.); Marry Kottmann (Rep.)
•Great Bend 1P-3W Committeeman/Committeewoman: David R. Holste (Rep.), Susan L. Holste (Rep.)
•Great Bend 2p-3W Committeeman/Committeewoman: Richard D. Johnson (Rep.), Marcia Johnson (Rep.)
•Great Bend 3P-3W Committeeman/Committeewoman: Ken Roberts (Rep.)
•Great Bend 1P-4W Committeeman/Committeewoman, Richard L. Friedeman (Rep.); Brock R. McPherson (Dem.)
•Great Bend 2P-4W Committeeman/Committeewoman, Loren Dyke (Rep.); Marilyn Dyke (Rep.)
•Hoisington Ward 2 Committeeman/Committeewoman: Norbert J. Schneider (Rep.); Melissa Brack Nech (Rep.)
•Hoisington Ward 4 Committeeman/Committeewoman: Kathy McGinnis (Rep.)