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Budget for needs not for wants
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Dear editor,

Does anyone know what a budget is? Does anyone understand what a budget does? I don’t think our elected officials do. When you have a budget you decide what the most important needs are, then if there’s anything left you can save some for emergencies, and maybe you might use some for things you just want. But, with our governing body they spend what they want, and when they are out of money, they just take more of your money to spend. Not on needs, but on wants.

Classic example, our school just purchased two new buses. I seem to remember that it hasn’t been very long since they bought new buses. But they decided they wanted, not needed, new ones again.

In the meantime, our streets are decaying right under us. The condition of our streets and roads is a real tragedy. I know winter takes a toll on streets but that weather is long past. Yet the street condition remains the same. Our schools take well over half the entire state budget and they won’t be happy until they get more. Not for needs but for wants.

It is no longer about education, instead it’s for prestige and be better than our neighbors. It’s not about education, it’s all about sports and play time. Now, they want to spend more money for a building to keep their new toys in. While our streets and roads continue to crumble. It seems to me that we need to get our priorities straight.

While education should be a major concern, the pure waste needs to be stopped, then the budget will come into balance. Just a thought, I am just tired of having my vehicles torn up and tires destroyed from the decaying streets.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend