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Bellendir would make great sheriff
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Dear Editor,
There is a lot of talk around Barton County about the Sheriff’s race. I wanted to put in my two cents for a man that I think is head and shoulders above the others. Brian Bellendir was born in Great Bend and attended school here. I first met him in Jr. High and we have been friends ever since. Brian is a great cop. He is also a loving husband, a helpful neighbor, and a trusted friend.
I have had the pleasure of working with him while I served as a reserve office for the Barton County Sheriff’s Department. Brian has always treated the reserve officers with respect and is a role model for those officers who want to see what a real veteran cop
should be.
Brian is known throughout his neighborhood as a helpful neighbor who will go out of his way to help fix a leaking pipe, change a fan belt or do just about anything else mechanical. He is loyal and always ready to lend a helping hand. I know he will be that kind of sheriff, able and ready to serve the county in whatever way is needed.
Please join me in voting for Brian Bellendir. He is a great guy that would make a great sheriff.
Dale Dirks
Pawnee Rock