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Disprove a non-existent
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Dear Editor,
Have you ever tried to disprove a non-existent?
If something does not exist, how would you prove that it doesn’t exist?
This would be much like dividing zero. You cannot divide something that isn’t there. Once you attempt to divide zero you have created a problem that cannot be solved. In your attempt to divide zero you are saying that there is something that can be divided, therefore it cannot be zero or nothing.
The Neo-Atheists of our age have created an unsolvable problem by trying to disprove a God they do not believe exists. They are trying to disprove a non-existent. They are attempting to divide zero. In their attempt to disprove they are actually acknowledging the existence of that which they are trying to prove does not exist.
See, the new Atheist is not really an Atheist. The new Atheist is actually an Anti-Godist.
Let me try to explain.
A true Atheist does not believe in God. He is totally and completely committed to naturalism.
The Atheist doesn’t believe in an origin, all that is just always was. There is no argument about the process or theory of origin, it just is and that’s good enough for the true Atheist.
The Atheist doesn’t search for meaning because there isn’t any meaning in a world without God or an origin. If it originated there’s a reason it became. If it was created, the Creator gives the creation meaning. Since the true Atheist believes it always was, there is no meaning because there’s no original intent.
The Atheist doesn’t hold to a morality because without God there is no standard by which to live so he just lives and allows others to live also. Without an origin or original intent, there is no moral right and wrong. What happens or what is done just happens. There is no good or evil and no attempt to define such because without a standard giver there is no standard to guide all that happens. It just happens and doesn’t need to be defined.
The Atheist is also not concerned with destiny because there is nothing after life it’s just lived and gone.
The true Atheist could care less about anything because it doesn’t matter to him. There is nothing to live for and nothing to live to, therefore, the Atheist goes through the motions of life in any manner he so desires enduring for time and then he checks out.
The Anti-Godists, on the other hand, are a real thorn in the system. See, they are not Atheists settled with what they believe. They are Anti-God and against what God has created and must prove that He doesn’t exist.
Let me try and explain this also.
The Anti-Godist has an idea of origin, meaning, morality and destiny. The Anti-Godist’s ideas differ from God’s so he must prove that God does not exist.
So what is actually happening in our world is the Anti-Godist is evangelizing the religion of Anti-Godism. They are not Atheists. Atheists are not trying to disprove a non-existent. Even Atheists know you can’t divide zero.
So, the Anti-Godist has established his own unsolvable problem. By trying to disprove God, he is actually acknowledging God. Then, he must fight against everything of the God he has acknowledged, to prove God doesn’t exist.
The Anti-Godist would be better served to become a true Atheist or surrender to what they have actually acknowledged as existing. Dividing zero or disproving a non-existent is impossible.
 Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend