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Looking ahead
BCC Camp Aldrich is important community site
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Barton Community College officials voted on bids as quickly as they could, but there was no way to rebuild the dining hall at BCC’s Camp Aldrcih before June 1, 2015. So, the popular venue for weddings, camps and other business or social gatherings will remain closed for another summer, due to the fire that destroyed the dining hall last April.
Dean of Administration Mark Dean is the college’s numbers man. Last week, as bids were awarded by BCC trustees, Dean described some of the insurance rules. In an area where a couch and two chairs were replaced, a certain amount was allocated for the couch, and another amount for the chairs. The college saved $100 on the two chairs, so it was paid the actual cost, but the couch ran $19 over. The savings on the chairs was not applied to the couch.
Mike Johnson, chairman of the board of trustees, said it doesn’t make sense. In cases like the couch and chairs, “there’s no advantage to try to save money.”
Efforts to save money do pay off, in most cases, and BCC President Dr. Carl Heilman said Dean successfully petitioned the State for a tax waiver on this project that will save $108,000.
For now, the building rather than the furnishings is the focus. The construction bid was awarded, but additions and subtractions are expected in the coming months. However, there were certain things that are sure to cost more than insurance will pay.
Kans for Kids deserves credit for making up the difference with a $300,00 donation to the college for Camp Aldrich. The gift includes $215,000 in tax credits that were awarded to Kans for Kids Fighting Cancer Foundation. Those tax credits have been purchased.
Kans for Kids has taken over Camp Hope, a week-long camp for children who have cancer or are in remission. Camp Hope has meet at Camp Aldrich for more than 30 years.
Some of the upgrades made possible by the Kans for Kids donation will benefit Camp Hope, but overall they will make the new facility better for everyone. The college has struggled with how to market Camp Aldrich, but its closure has shown how much it is used. We look forward to celebrating its reopening in 2015.