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Time to step up
If you dont like the way things are, make a difference
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There will be a general election in Barton County come April 7. On the ballot will be several school board, mayoral and city council positions, as well as openings on the Barton Community College and Ellinwood District Hospital boards.
The deadline to file for these offices is noon, Tuesday,  Jan. 27. This can be done at the Barton County Clerk’s Office and/or local city clerk offices, depending on the post. 
Why is this important? When it comes to the political process, there are a lot of arm-chair quarterbacks out there.
Many folks would rather sit back and condemn those in office for their work. But, when it comes to doing something about it or making a change, these naysayers want no part of it.
It is easier to take pot shots and be negative than to be a part of the solution.
Holding an office is not easy, even at the small-town city council level. Friends can be made, but life-long enemies can also be gained.
“The county recognizes that persons holding elected positions give a great deal of themselves,” Barton County Commission Chairman Kenny Schremmer said Monday. “Elected officials must always be available to the public, taking away a great deal of time from personal commitments.”
He was referring to outgoing Commissioner Ken Lebbin, but those ring true for anyone in public office. There is a great responsibility placed on elected officials.
None the less, if one wants to complain about how things are done, they would be well served by putting their money where their mouths are. Otherwise, keep quite.
Any questions concerning the election or candidate qualifications may be directed to the County Clerk’s Office at 620-793-1835.
Dale Hogg