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Way to go!
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Every so often you come across these human interest stories that suggest you are only as old as you believe you are.
They are usually about someone who is sky diving or rock climbing or doing some other activity usually associated with a younger crowd.
But recently a lady in New Castle, Pa. proved that you really are as young as you act, and that you are also as successful in crime fighting as you are willing to act, too.
Police reported this week that an 89-year-old woman was accosted by two men — one of them was 21 and the other 27 — who grabbed the purse from her 82-year-old friend.
The two were attempting to escape, but the 89-year-old used her cane to give a good whack to their get away car.
And the result was that Jerry Brown Jr. and Tatiana Vargas were later apprehended when cops found them with dents in their car that matched the lady’s cane.
The two were jailed for robbery and on unrelated warrants.
The cowards are lucky they got away before the lady with the cane could get at them.
Now, that would be justice.
— Chuck Smith