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Fate Accompli
Charlie's Inside Corner
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LARNED — I sat down Saturday evening and wrote a brilliant article.
A masterpiece by any standard.  
It was a personal appeal to Charlie Weis of the Kansas Jayhawks, with dexterity and aplomb I explained to Tom Brady’s Guru that KU’s Montell Cozart was not, and never would be, a Big 12-caliber quarterback.
Time to move on to experiment No. 11 as the quarterback of his team.
Alas, the necessity of that article was destroyed by athletic director Sheahon Zenger Sunday morning as he handed Weis his walking papers.

‘Tis fate that flings the dice,
And as she flings
Of kings makes peasants,
And of peasants kings.

With one little press conference, Weis has been turned from a king to a peasant and KU is in search of “The Truth” in football once again.
Is any school in the country paying off more coaching contracts at the same time than Kansas?
The Jayhawks wore their new Crimson Chrome uniforms for the first time — an all-red attire that was unveiled during the preseason — against Texas. Just as in bullfighting, the red seemed to make the opponent angry and the Longhorns defense held Kansas scoreless, sealing peasant Weis’ fate.
The red uniforms are ... well, shall we say VERY red.
They were not, however, as red as the faces of the alumni, the big givers, the Big Cigars, who had gathered for homecoming hoping for a good showing.
There is no question that the pressure for Weis’ dismissal came from the folks who give the money to this program.
They don’t think Kansas should have a losing — at least not THIS losing — football program.  
I have to agree.
Kansas has the academics, the location, the history, the beauty and most other things.
They SHOULD be more competitive.
They just aren’t.
Tis fate that flings the dice.  
Kansas fans think it is time those dice stopped coming up SNAKE-EYES!
CHALK TALK — There’s nothing like winning as Great Bend High School found out last Friday with their first victory of the season. They will take their 1-3 record to Dodge City to see if they can put another blemish on the Red Demons’ 3-1 slate. Dodge favored but not by much ... Larned got their offense untracked, but uncharacteristically let down on defense as they evened their record at 2-2 with a 33-25 win over Nickerson. The Indians should be too much for Lyons. Larned 30, Lyons 13 ... There’s gotta be a lot of folks that would be pleased to have KU bring Mark Mangino back. Hey, he’s shown he can win at KU and he is, once again, doing a great job with an offense at Iowa State. Stranger things have happened! ... If the Royals should get in the World Series I think George Brett would just pop! ... Hutchinson Community College’s Blue Dragons had an incredible 16 penalties for 225 yards Saturday against Dodge City and STILL WON! Gotta be some kind of record ... Texas Tech at K-State. Probably too much Wildcat defense BUT what K-State doesn’t do as well on defense is what Tech does do well on offense. That’s throw the ball. Wildcats in a wild one 41-35 ... How ‘bout those Tigers! Ft. Hays State beat No. 8 Pittsburgh State 7-6 last Saturday to move their record to 3-1. ...  Will Charlie Weis’ absence spur the Jayhawks to victory at West Virginia? Charlie’s not going to play wide receiver and catch two TDs, so I don’t think it will help. KU’s defense strong but the offense is still weak. Mountaineers 27-10.

Charles Tabler is a contributing writer from Larned.