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Walking Steadily
Rosie Meier brings walking to a whole new level

For Rosie Meier, Great Bend, walking is a habit. So much so, she brings walking to a whole new level. Her stick-to-itiveness is remarkable. Except for a two-month recovery period in 2002, she has consistently walked every day for over 25 years. 

“I went 10-and-a-half-years without missing a day, and then broke my ankle March 1, 2002,” she said on a recent May evening. “I went back to walking May 1, 2002, and I haven’t missed a day since.”  

After her injury, the first step was to convince herself she could walk again without her crutches. Laps around a nearby parking lot gave her the confidence she needed. Now, after countless miles, and countless pairs of shoes, there’s no end in sight to where her feet will take her.