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Panther swimmers win home meet Thursday
spt_hg_Clarise Snapp competes in the 200 yard IM HGS_99961.jpg
Great Bend swimmer Clarise Snapp competes in the 200-yard IM. - photo by Hugo Gonzalez

The Great Bend girls  placed first in Thursday's Great Bend Swimming Invitational with 490 points ahead of runner-up Salina South (374). Great Bend's state-qualifying 200-yard medley relay (2:09.96) captured first place with Emilee Hall, Clarice Snapp, Brylee Carper and Sydney Kruckenberg competing. 

Last year's Western Athletic Swimmer of the Year Emilee Hall won the 100 backstroke (1:05.85). Hall was runner-up in the 200 IM (2:34.01). Snapp placed runner-up in the 100 breaststroke (1:23.46). Hall has qualified for the 5-1A state meet in the 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly.

The Panthers' 200-yard state qualifying freestyle relay (1:49.8) ran a third-place season-best time with Josephine Mazouch, Meredith Mazouch, Kruckenberg and Hall.

"The swimmers are working hard to improve personal and relay times," said Great Bend coach Cortnea Wilson. "Several girls have state consideration times.  We will continue working towards earning those times. We're excited to see what the girls accomplish."

The Panthers compete at Newton May 2.


TEAM SCORES—1—Great Bend 490; 2—Salina South 374; 3—Hays 306; 4—Newton 291; 5—Holcomb 274; 6—Salina Central 192; 7—Dodge City 135; 8—Liberal 59


50 freestyle—4—Josephine Mazouch, 27.4; 6—Kruckenberg, 28.91; 9—Feist, 29.23; Lutt, 31.21; Gilkison, 31.86; Newton, 34.2; Boone 37.75; Johnson, 28.58; Gallant 49.73

100 backstroke—1—Hall, 1:05.85; 4—M. Mazouch, 1:21.11; 10—Mermis, 1:32.19; Seifkes, 1:32.06; Boone, 1:35.6

100 breaststroke—2—Snapp, 1:23.46; 3—Gregg, 1:29.07; 14—Bonine, 1:54.87

100 butterfly—4—Holden, 1:34.04; 10—Newton, 1:49.82

100 freestyle—3—J. Mazouch, 59.92; 4—Feist, 1:04.05; 14—Gilkison, 1:14.2; Bonine, 1:18.19; Johnson, 1:27.29; Gallant, 1:58.94; 

200 freestyle—3—Kruckenberg, 2:24.08; 5—Carper, 2:29.76; 8—M. Mazouch, 2:39.7

200 IM—2—Hall, 2:34.01; 3—Gregg, 2:55.5; 4—Snapp, 2:59.55

500 freestyle—3—Carper, 6:47.66; 4—Lutt, 7:15.01; 5—Mermis, 7:15.25; Siefkes, 7:56.34

200 freestyle relay—3—GB A, *1:49.85 (J. Mazouch, M. Mazouch, Kruckenberg, Hall); 7—GB B, 2:08.69 (Snapp, Gregg, Lutt, Gilkison); 11—GB C, 2:17.43 (Siefkes, Boone, Mermis, Holden); GB D, 2:48.59 (Bonine, Gallant, Murphy, Johnson)

200 medley relay—1—GB A, 2:09.96 (Hall, Snapp, Carper, J. Mazouch); 5—GB B, 2:20.21 (M. Mazouch, Gregg, Feist, Lutt); 8—GB C, 2:31.63 (Boone, Siefkes, Holden, Gilkison); GB D, 3:15.87 (Murphy, Bonine, Newton, Gallant)

400 freestyle relay—9—GB B, 5:50.67 (Mermis, Johnson, Murphy, Newton); DQ—GB A, (Feist, Holden, Kruckenberg, Carper)