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10th Street Eyecare invests in latest retinal imaging tech
Optomap retinal imaging is available at 10th Street Eyecare Center in Great Bend.

The 10th Street Eyecare Center is offering the latest technology available for retinal imaging, known as Optomap. This ultra-wide retinal imaging captures over 80% of the eye, whereas traditional imaging allows for only a 15% view. The Eyecare Center invested in the technology to allow their optometrists the ability to know as much as possible about what’s going on in their patients’ eyes, and make it easier to detect early signs of degenerative eye conditions. 

“We are thrilled to offer this new imaging technology to our patients,” said Dr. Chad Premer, of The 10th Street Eyecare Center. “Early detection allows us to implement a treatment plan sooner, which is vital for degenerative conditions.”

Not only is the Optomap imaging capability far superior to traditional imaging, but it can also be utilized without the patient using dilation drops in most cases. It’s also safe to use with children, ensuring they’re receiving the highest quality care as their eyes develop and change throughout their youth. 

All patients at The 10th Street Eyecare Center are given the option to utilize Optomap instead of the traditional imaging, but anyone can contact the optometry practice for more information at any time at 620-792-2020.