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Aarons Sales and Lease donates to Golden Belt Humane Society
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COURTESY PHOTO The Patalano family is shown after adopting Princess from the Golden Belt Humane Society. The adoption was sponsored with money donated by Aarons Sales and Lease.

Golden Belt Humane Society received a monetary donation of $500 from Aaron’s Sales and Lease to help match pets with owners.
“A huge thank you to Jacob Elstun, general manager of the Aaron’s store in Great Bend who contacted the Golden Belt Humane Society about this donation,” said society Director Heather Acheson.
After seeing so many animals in need via social media sites, Elstun spoke to Acheson, to get ideas about how the money could be used. He really wanted to help get the animals the families they so deserved. So after discussing the shelter needs, they decided the best way to help the animals was to sponsor animal adoptions.
“One of the greatest things to see from the adopters is their smile and disbelief when our staff says ‘we have a surprise for you. Your adoption fee has been sponsored,’” Acheson said.
“We can’t thank Aaron’s Sales and Lease enough for thinking of us for a donation,” Acheson said. “It is such a gift to the new owners and the dogs are the luckiest to have been chosen by their new families. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”
Each adoption has a story or a reason staff chooses to surprise them with a sponsored adoption. Here are a few stories:
• Aspen the husky arrived pregnant and awaited her new home after whelping puppies. As luck would have it, a gentleman stopped in looking for a husky the same time a call came in to surrender one. After a long wait, she finally arrived and he fell in love immediately. Weeks went by, watching her puppies grow, he visited several times to get to know her and prepare for her arrival at his home. “After the long anticipated wait, we surprised him a sponsored adoption,” Acheson said. Aspen even had her own doggy seat belt for her trip home.  
• Nicole the mastiff/lab mix arrived just as happy go lucky as the day she left. Her lucky day was when friends of her new owner stopped in to visit the dogs at the shelter in hopes of finding the perfect fit for a guy who is a combat vet. After looking at a few choices, the friends picked Nicole. She definitely a very lucky pooch as her new owner says she is the best dog ever. She will help her new owner with all the stresses after fighting for our country.  
• Princess the boxer arrived with a few medical issues. She had been picked up for running at large, but after seeing this beauty with an internal prolapsed uterus and golf ball size tumors on her neck, the society worked with previous owners to surrender her as they could not afford to get her the medical attention she needed. She was spayed immediately, which would help with the enlargement under the skin from the prolapsed uterus to disappear over time and the tumors were removed. Princess got lucky when her new dad came to check her out one day, then brought the whole family at the time of adoption. She was welcomed with open arms and all fell in love with her. Staff knew it was a much needed time to share the good news by letting them know her adoption fee was sponsored.