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Barton County grain sorghum hybrid demo plot results listed

I would like to thank those involved in making this sorghum demonstration plot possible. Cooperators Josh Debes and Dean Stoskopf, Alicia Boor, and the seed companies and dealers for providing the seed and sponsoring the meal for the field day. 

I always like to remind growers that when making their next seed purchasing decisions to look at several different sources (test plot) results. Whether it be county agent plots, Coops, seed companies, etc. I would especially encourage you to look at the Kansas Performance Tests with Grain Sorghum by Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Stations at These variety plots are replicated, meaning each hybrid has been randomly planted in the test plot in four different spots. Replication is used to smooth out or account for variability within a field. 

Here are the details: Date planted, June 26, 2019; previous crop, wheat 2018; and wheat 2017 and fallow in 2016. More details: Population dropped 55,000; and fertility by 100 pounds N dry. Herbicides were: Burndown on 4-17, 24 ounces; Cornerstone 5, 8 ounces; 2,4-D, 4 ounces; dicamba, 6-5-19 3 quart; Ravine, 24 ounces; Cornerstone 5, 8 oz. 2,4-D.  

Stacy Campbell is an Agriculture and Natural Resources agent for Cottonwood Extension District. Email him at or call the Hays office, 785-628-9430.