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Catholic Social Service to provide additional addiction and relapse prevention services in Great Ben
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Addiction is a common disease that affects individuals, families and communities. Holistic and recovery-oriented approaches that use a wide range of treatments and recovery support services, specific to each individual and his or her family and friends, can help people recover physically, mentally, and spiritually.
In January, Catholic Social Service will offer additional addiction, recovery, and relapse prevention counseling services for individuals, couples, families and groups in the Great Bend area. Hattie Stein LAC, CSAT will provide addiction and recovery counseling services every Wednesday at the Catholic Social Service office at 2201 16th St in Great Bend. Stein also plans to start a relapse prevention group, and a Support Group For Parents of Addicted Loved ones (PAL). Stein provides addiction and recovery counseling services at the Catholic Social Service office (603 N. 8th) in Garden City on Tuesdays, and at the Catholic Social Service office (906 Central) in Dodge City during the rest of the week.
“Recovering from an addiction takes time,” said Stein. “It is an on-going process and at times, there may be a tendency toward relapse. Relapse is a process of becoming emotionally, mentally, and physically dysfunctional in ways that, if left unattended, may lead back to old addictive behaviors. A Relapse Prevention Group provides a safe and supportive learning environment for those who have already completed other treatment programs and need continuing care, or for those who have had some recovery success but struggle with relapse.” PAL, a support group for parents, offers free education and support for parents who are trying to save a son or daughter from addiction. Parents will have a chance to learn proven ways to help their loved one recover from their addiction. Parents will also have an opportunity to give support to, and receive support from, others facing similar challenges.
As a Kansas Licensed Addiction Counselor with the Kansas  Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board, Stein is trained in the areas of drug & alcohol addiction, sexual addiction, and is a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist. Stein has worked in the professional field of addictions since 1985, during which time she has authored or co-authored several outpatient programs, and has developed Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) groups, relapse prevention groups, co-dependency groups, and parents of addicted children groups. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 620-227-1584, or email