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CPI employees attain ASPPAs QKA designation
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Dianna Disque

Dianna Disque and Albert Strobel of CPI Qualified Plan Consultants, Inc. (CPI) have recently passed all of the required exams to attain their QKA (Qualified 401(k) Administrator) designation through ASPPA (American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries). These exams include the Retirement Plan Fundamentals (RPF-1 & RPF-2) exams, the Administrative and Qualification Issues of Retirement Plans (DC-1) exam and, the Administrative Issues of Defined Contribution Plans (DC-2) exam.
Disque started at CPI in January, 1989 as a Specialist in the Plan Termination Department. In August, 1992, she became a Plan Administrator in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Department. In July, 1994, she was promoted to Senior Administrator, and in August, 1995, she was promoted to Consulting Senior. In October, 1997, she became Consulting Senior in the 403(b) Department, and then Supervisor in October, 2000. In March, 2004, the 403(b) Department became the Governmental Tax-Exempt Plan Administration Services (GTEPAS) Department, and she became Manager of that department in September, 2011. Disque has also attained her TGPC (Tax-Exempt & Governmental Plan Consultant) designation through ASPPA.
Strobel started at CPI in June, 1998 as a Plan Accountant in the Daily Accounting Department. In September, 1999, he transferred to become a Plan Administrator in the 403(b) Department which is now the GTEPAS Department. In October, 2002, he was promoted to Senior Administrator, and in March, 2004, to Consulting Senior. In January, 2014, he transferred to Retirement Implementation Consulting Team. Strobel has also attained his TGPC designation through ASPPA.