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Fitness for the ages
Club 1 Fitness celebrating 37 years
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Mildred (Millie) Meitner, 99, works out at Club 1 Fitness recently. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

In 1974, Martin J. Casey, an Irish immigrant, had a vision for health and wellness in the Barton County area. Now, 37 years later, this vision remains a vital reality.

Starting out as Spa Health Club, in 1978 it became Town & Country Racquet Club. Since 2009, it has been known as Club 1 Fitness. Caron Zager, daughter of Casey, is the owner and operator of the facility.

"I have a true passion for this facility, just like my dad," she said. "I love helping members accomplish their goals, and listening to their stories of trials and tribulations. I remember tears over a small thing as a woman walking her first mile on the treadmill with multiple health issues, but to her she just completed a marathon. There were many hugs and high fives. This isn’t just a place to workout; it’s about a family atmosphere and building friendships."

Remodeling started in 2009 with updated equipment, and refurbished men’s/women’s locker rooms and tennis courts. Zager and company also added new group fitness classes, group cycling and one-on-one personal training. "Club 1 Fitness staff is committed to keeping Barton County healthy," Zager said.

One of these members is Mildred (Millie) Meitner, a member since 1982. That may sound impressive, but even more impressive is that Meitner is 99 years old.

"I couldn’t miss that," she said of her workouts. She goes to a calisthenic-type class twice a week and rides a stationary bicycle three times a week. "I still get up and bounce. It’s wonderful."

Now, she’s convinced this is one of the keys to her staying active. "I feel this has really helped me," she said. "I feel better, there’s no doubt about it."

Meitner still lives on her own and does her own housework.

She also believes others would benefit from regular exercise. But, "you have to make a commitment and have fun with it," she said.

"You have to stay active," she said. "There is always a reason to get up and get going."

"I’m always telling her when I grow up I want to be just like her," Zager said of Meitner.