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Fuller Brush Company and Hampton Hydraulic (GBI) earn Gold Awards
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Kansas Water Environment Associations 2014 Annual Conference took place recently in Topeka where local businesses were recognized. Pictured left to right are Charlie Suchy, City of Great Bend utility superintendent, Jeff Alsup, Hampton Hydraulic (GBI) manufacturing engineering manager, Roger McPherson, Fuller Brush Company regulatory affairs, and Mike Bader, City of Great Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant manager. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Industries regulated under the Great Bend Wastewater’s Industrial Pretreatment Program were recognized by the Kansas Water Environment Association for their compliance achievements during the previous year. “We extend our congratulations and appreciation to the following award winners for a job well done,” said Charlie Suchy, Great Bend utility superintendent who oversees the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.
The KWEA’s awards program is entitled the “Gold and Silver Awards.”  To qualify for the highest Gold Award, the recipient must have achieved 95 percent or better compliance with all discharge and reporting requirements during the review year; maintained a good record of cooperation with the City of Great Bend Wastewater Staff, and the industry must operate a wastewater treatment system or have made significant efforts to minimize pollutant concentrations in their wastewater discharge so as to reduce the need to require pretreatment systems.
The Gold and Silver Awards are presented during the KWEA’s annual conference in the fall of each year with Gold being the highest award available. Suchy also thanked his staff for the hard work and dedication to the Pretreatment Program.