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GTR Limousine & Party Services offers variety of gathering services
GTR Fleet
The five-vehicle fleet of Good Times Roll Limousine & Party Services is pictured. The company has three buses, a stretch Cadillac Escalade Limousine, and an smaller limousine equipped for up to eight people. - photos courtesy of Ruth Joiner

For almost a year, Good Times Roll Limousine & Party Services has been offering area residents a chance to, “get out, have some fun, and enjoy life.”

This was the goal of co-owner Ruth Joiner when she began the business “on a fluke” a year ago when she bought a limousine and began dabbling in offering party transportation services. 

In June she partnered with now co-owner Dean Nuss. His daughter lives in Hays, where he says party buses are extremely popular, especially among the younger crowd. Seeing a potential market in and around Great Bend, the two decided to expand their services.

In July, they bought the first GTR bus and began offering party bus services. They were so inundated with requests to use the bus, they expanded further. The company’s fleet now includes three fully-equipped buses, the original smaller limousine, and a Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine.

The buses, they are quick to point out, are not run-of-the-mill stripped out school buses. Nuss describes the buses as extravagant and elegant. He said the range of vehicles they have gives them the flexibility to offer services for a range of functions, from small, intimate couples trips, to larger functions of more than 30 people.

“With the vehicles we have, the potential is unlimited,” Nuss said. “The only limit is people’s imagination.”

The buses are equipped for gatherings of up to 34 people. They are fully customized with luxury seating, stereo access, televisions, DVD’s and mini bars.

Nuss said they try to go all out for their customers, even dressing in formal wear and providing a red carpet to give their customers added special treatment.

In addition to owning the business, the two do most of the driving of the buses. They do have other staff if needed, but to drive the buses requires a special CDL license with passenger certification.

One of their goals is to dispel the stereotypes of party buses that they are simply for the raucous gatherings of the younger crowd. In fact, they say the buses can be used for multiple types of gatherings and functions.

For instance, recently the company provided services for a scavenger hunt for graduating eighth graders from the Central Plains school district.

They offer services for all types of functions, including weddings, birthday parties, high school dances, quinceañeras, and out-of-town trips to concerts and casinos. Nuss said the service is ideal for transporting wedding parties to off-site photography locations.

They have also recently expanded to offering scheduled sightseeing tours to area destinations once a month. Their first is this week, a trip to several destinations in Ellinwood that includes a surprise lunch destination.

In the future, they’re looking at also adding events such as wine tours and “pub crawls” to their list of the services.

The Saturday rates for the buses are $250 per hour with $750 minimum for three hours. Travel time or wait time may be an additional charge depending on location or situation. Travel time is figured at $75 and hour to and from the destination, and wait time is $75 per hour if time is split.

The Saturday rates for the limousines are $150 per hour with $450 minimum for three hours for the smaller limousine and $200 per hour with $600 minimum for the stretch limousine. Travel and wait time rates are the same.

They are also in the process of adding weekday rates to their website.

Joiner and Nuss have both having lived in the community for a long time. They say ultimately their heart with the business is to help people.

To inquire about services, visit the website at or call Joiner at 620-791-7759.