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IGNITE the Night in Ellinwood on Friday

ELLINWOOD —The IGNITE Rural Business Competition, organized by Great Bend Economic Development, continues to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in Barton County, providing a platform for local businesses to thrive and innovate. Designed to empower emerging ventures, IGNITE has been a catalyst for transformation, exemplified by the recent success of 10-39 Cafe in Ellinwood. Through the competition, 10-39 Cafe’s owners honed their business plan, received mentorship, and navigated through rounds of eliminations to reach the live finals of the 2023 event. Their hard work paid off as they clinched 2nd place, earning a $30,000 grant, and secured the People’s Choice award, adding an extra $5,000 to their prize money.

 To celebrate this success, IGNITE the Night with 10-39 Cafe will take place on this Friday, May 17th between 5-8 pm at 10-39 Cafe, 104 W 1st in Ellinwood. This event celebrates 10-39 Cafe’s journey to success, and the community is invited to join the celebration.

 Attendees can expect an evening filled with camaraderie, celebration, and inspiration. Complimentary appetizers, entries for door prizes, and drink tickets will be provided, offering a taste of the atmosphere at 10-39 Cafe. 10-39 Cafe’s full menu is also available to purchase food that evening as well.

 To learn more about IGNITE and to relive the excitement of the 2023 Grand Finale, visit