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KFB announces endorsements for 2024 House, Senate races
Kansas Farm Bureau
Kansas Farm Bureau

MANHATTAN — Kansas Farm Bureau’s (KFB) Voters Organized To Elect Farm Bureau Friends (VOTE FBF) political action committee announces its endorsements for Kansas Senate and House elections.

Since 1993, VOTE FBF has endorsed and supported candidates who support KFB policy and understand the needs of Kansas agriculture. The 10-member VOTE FBF board also values the recommendations of members across the state based on their personal interactions with candidates.

“Candidates earn a VOTE FBF endorsement by visiting with our members and demonstrating they understand the issues farmers and ranchers face,” says KFB President Joe Newland. “County Farm Bureau boards across the state have been working for months talking to and vetting candidates to provide grassroots feedback to VOTE FBF.”

VOTE FBF is funded through voluntary contributions. For more information about VOTE FBF and the endorsement process, visit

In federal races, VOTE FBF previously endorsed the re-election of Reps. Tracey Mann (KS 1) and Ron Estes (KS 4). It also has endorsed Derek Schmidt in Kansas’ 2nd District race.

The following is a list of Kansas Farm Bureau VOTE FBF’s state Senate endorsements:

District Candidates: John R. Eplee; Marci Francisco; Rick Kloos; David Haley; Jeff Pittman; Pat Pettey; Ethan Corson; Cindy Holscher; Beverly Gossage; Bryan Zesiger; Kellie Warren; Caryn Tyson; Tim Shallenburger; Michael A. Fagg; Virgil Peck; Ty Masterson; Kenny Titus; Brenda S. Dietrich; Dinah Sykes; Adam Thomas; J.R. Claeys; Mary Ware; Chase Blasi; Joe Claeys; Mike Petersen; Oletha Faust Goudeau; Renee Erickson; Stephen Owens; Larry W. Alley; Tory Marie Blew; Elaine S. Bowers; Douglas Shane; Ronald Ryckman; William Clifford; Richard (Rick) Billinger

The following is a list of Kansas Farm Bureau VOTE FBF’s state House endorsements: 

District Candidate: Dale Helwig; Kenneth (Ken) Collins; Chuck Smith; Carrie Barth; Samantha M. Poetter Parshall; Dan Goddard; Chris Croft; Fred Gardner; Ron Bryce; Doug Blex; Duane Droge; Charlotte Esau; Allison Hougland; Linda Featherston; Jo Ella Hoye; Cindy Neighbor; Stephanie Sawyer Clayton; Mari-Lynn Poskin; Jerry Stogsdill; Lindsay Vaughn; Susan Ruiz; Jarrod Ousley; Chip VanHouden; Sean E. Tarwater, Sr; Carl Turner; Heather Meyer; Laura Williams; Louis E. Ruiz; Pam Curtis; Mike Thompson; Valdenia Winn; Marvin S. Robinson II; Lynn Melton; Melissa M Oropeza; Timothy H. Johnson; Angela Stiens; David Buehler; Pat Proctor; Lance W. Neelly; Bill Sutton; Barbara W. Ballard; Mike Amyx; Brittany Kathleen Hall; Ronald B. Ellis; Dan Osman; Nikki L. McDonald; Kyle McNorton; Jesse Borjon; Kirk R. Haskins; Ken Corbet; Tobias Schlingensiepen; John Alcala; Rebecca Schmoe; Mark Schreiber; Francis Awerkamp; Allen B. Reavis; Lewis (Bill) Bloom; Jeff Underhill; Sydney Carlin; Nathan (Nate) Butler; Clarke Sanders; Scott Hill; Steven K. Howe; Avery Anderson; Richard Wilborn; Mike King; Will Carpenter; Brad Barrett; Kristey S. Williams; Robyn R. Essex; Webster T. Roth; Bill Rhiley; Blake Carpenter; Leah Howell; Henry Helgerson; Patrick A. Penn; Silas Miller; Susan Oliver Estes; Sandy Pickert; KC Ohaebosim; Jesse McCurry; Emil Bergquist; John Carmichael; Brian Bergkamp; Leo Delperdang; Tom Sawyer; Tom Kessler; Nick Hoheisel; Cyndi Howerton; Susan Humphries; Daniel Hawkins; Joe Seiwert; Jason Probst; Angela Martinez; Paul Waggoner; Lisa M. Moser; Dawn Wolf; Brandon Woodard; Troy L. Waymaster; Ken Rahjes; Barb Wasinger; Sherri Brantley; Brett Fairchild; Kevin D. Schwertfeger; Gary White; Kyle D. Hoffman; Adam Turk; Jim Minnix; Jason W. Goetz; Adam Smith; John Resman; Lon E. Pishny; Bob Lewis; Martin (Marty) Long; Shannon Francis