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Lewis earns special agribusiness insurance certification
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Jeremy Lewis

 Since Jeremy Lewis recently earned a special certification, he hopes farmers and ranchers realize “how dedicated we are to their profession.”

            Lewis, a licensed insurance agent, is employed by Panzer Insurance, an independent agency at 1023 Jackson in Great Bend’s Jackson Square.

            He successfully completed several “in-depth” courses to become certified as an Agribusiness & Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS).

            “The courses covered everything from the basics of insuring farm equipment to the unique liabilities associated with farming and agribusiness,” Lewis said. “Our agency specializes in this area and provides coverage to local and not-so-local farmers, ranchers and agribusiness operators.

            “Shawn Panzer and I want our clients to know that we work hard to bring them the best insurance products and knowledge.”

            Lewis noted that the AFIS certification process is “expensive and time intensive. The knowledge we have gained will help us make sure there are no gaps in coverage, which results in peace of mind.

            “Our clients can trust us with their livelihood because we have the experience, training and products to protect them and increase their bottom line. This AFIS certification shows my commitment to honing my expertise on the unique risks associated with farm, ranch and agribusiness, as well as to knowing which carriers are the best fit for individual needs.”

            Farms and ranches present unique challenges for insurance professionals, Lewis noted.

            “There are autos, animals, machinery, irrigation pivots and liability, in addition to one or more residences,” he explained. “It takes knowledge of the industry and the carriers to determine how to cover all these components, while ensuring there are no gaps and finding a competitive premium.

            “Most important,” he continued, “we understand and respect that this is someone’s livelihood. There is no room for error and we have to communicate with precision so there are no surprises when a claim arises. Yes, it is a challenge, but a fulfilling challenge.”

            In addition to farming and ranching, Lewis also focuses on other large and small businesses, hard-to-place risks, home, auto and Medicare supplements.

            “Panzer Insurance is a one-stop shop,” Lewis commented. “Whether it is stand-alone auto insurance or an entire farming operation, we can accommodate.”

            The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) offers the AFIS certification and other continuing education. It is a nationally recognized insurance education institute.