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Local entrepreneur tastes success during pandemic
Macy Munson of Ellinwood will be offering a $100 giveaway from her online boutique on Oct. 24.

ELLINWOOD — In the wake of the medical and economic impact COVID-19 has unleashed on commerce across the state and nation, one local business owner has thrived with the establishment of an online boutique.
Introducing Macy Renee’s Boutique, with online clothing and merchandise established in June by Macy Munson of Ellinwood.
Munson said operating a business of her own has been a dream in the making.
“This is something I’ve always wanted to do and really got started in college, which is when I began developing a business plan,” said Munson, noting that the plan slowly but surely evolved and unfolded into the current online business.
When asked about selecting an online venue for her new venture, Munson said physical establishments have not been able to survive – especially during the current pandemic.
“Brick and mortar shops are closing all over America,” said Munson. “Either they are shutting their doors for good or they are making the transition to an online format.”
She added that her current season in life provides a perfect opportunity to explore and capitalize on a business investment. “Since I’m young, I thought this would be a great chance to take the proverbial leap and open up an online boutique.”
In addition to clothing, Macy Renee’s Boutique features a wide variety of accessories including bracelets, earrings, scrunchies and hats. Edibles are even for sale and include pretzels, jumbo Rice Krispy treats and other snacks. Other items featured are mugs and LED light boxes.
In spite of the pandemic, Munson says her business has flourished since opening in June.
“With stores closing, more folks are turning to online shopping,” she said. “And I think there is also a sense of safety doing business online right now because of fear of catching the virus and the whole element of social distancing.”
Learning the financial aspects of operating a business has presented its set of challenges but Munson says it’s all a matter of adapting along with working with support staff.
“I have a lot of people helping me,” she said. “They not only teach me how to manage a business but also help take care of the business-customer relationship as well. So it’s not just a one-person operation.”
Munson added her favorite part of owning her own business is seeing customers satisfied and happy.
“I love to hear from people after doing business with them,” she said. “For me, that’s most rewarding.”
Her service area reaches from coast to coast including patrons from California, Kentucky and Connecticut.

For more information, visit the Macy Renee’s Boutique website at and visit the Facebook page at @macyreneesboutique.