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Local independent businesswoman earns coveted Mary Kay Pink Cadillac in recognition of outstanding b
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Rita Krause

In honor of her business achievements, Rita Krause of Great Bend, has earned the use of the exclusive Mary Kay pink Cadillac, an iconic symbol of success and, the most coveted incentive awarded by Mary Kay. The new Cadillac comes in pearlized pink – a color unique to the Mary Kay Career Car Program.
In keeping with Mary Kay’s preeminence as a leader in providing women with an unparalleled opportunity and desirable business incentives, Mary Kay Inc. continues to upgrade the options available to star performers in the independent sales force. Krause has chosen the SRX Pink Cadillac. Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors who earn the use of a pink Cadillac can choose from the CTS and SRX models. Mary Kay career car qualifiers also have the option of selecting cash compensation in lieu of the car. Currently, more than 7,300 Mary Kay independent sales force members have qualified for career cars, with more than 1,400 of those being pink Cadillacs. Since the program’s inception in 1969, more than 120,000 independent sales force members have either qualified or re-qualified to earn the use of a Mary Kay career car.
“The Career Car Program provides the independent sales force the opportunity to earn the use of a visible symbol of success,” said Darrell Overcash, president of Mary Kay Inc. U.S. “Each car in this exciting incentive program reflects the hard work, determination and professionalism of the independent sales force. The coveted pink Cadillac is the ultimate, most recognizable symbol of achievement.”
Krause began her Mary Kay business as an Independent Beauty Consultant in 1980 and as a direct result of her accomplishments, became an Independent Sales Director in 1989. As an Independent Sales Director, she chooses to provide education, leadership and motivation to other Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and offers her customers high-quality Mary Kay® products.
Krause took delivery of her new Cadillac, her 13th Mary Kay career car, at Dove Cadillac Dealership, Great Bend.  Independent Sales Directors earn the use of Mary Kay career cars by demonstrating their outstanding business and leadership skills.