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Mora joins Cerda as OPI in-house sales, supplies representative
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Stephanie Cerda, left, and newcomer Daniela Mora help OPI customers with the companys long list of office supply products.

          Daniela Mora recently joined Stephanie Cerda to form a two-woman customer-service team at Office Products Inc. (OPI).

          The two colleagues, who graduated in the 2011 Great Bend High School class together, are now collaborating to ensure OPI customers find what they need.

          As sales and supplies representatives, Mora and Cerda satisfy the office needs of walk-in and phone-in customers.

          Many of these customers know the OPI in-house inventory offers a wide range of day-to-day office supplies but there is more than meets the eye.

          “Some customers may not realize the extent of OPI’s products,” Cerda said. “We have easy access to some items that may come as a surprise. For example, we can order medical supplies including wheelchairs and crutches.

          “We have a lot of customers in the medical field,” Cerda explained. “And we want to do whatever we can to get the supplies they need.”

          Orders can be placed through the two-inch-thick OPI catalog that seemingly offers a little bit of everything. When an item is not in the front or back of the OPI building, Mora or Cerda can order it. The online catalog can be found at

          “If it is at our warehouse in Kansas City, we can usually get it overnight,” Cerda said. “If it’s at Oklahoma City, it will take a couple of days, or if it is in St. Paul, Minn., it might take three days. These are the locations of our top three warehouses.”

          Mora added that OPI “will check into all our resources. We have quite a bit of flexibility and can usually find what the customer needs.

          “When someone is iffy about a catalog item and wants to actually see it, we will place the order,” Mora continued. “But they are under no obligation to take it.”

          Both sales reps said they enjoy working for the family-owned business, which has a reputation for personal service. Each has a few years of experience in customer service and said they are putting this background to good use at OPI.

          Cerda has an associate’s degree in business management and leadership from Barton Community College. Mora earned a BCC pharmacy technician associate’s degree.

          Jim Grabbe, OPI sales manager, noted that Mora and Cerda are making a good team because of their willingness and ability to find want customers want.

“Whether a customer is one of our many regulars or new to OPI, Daniela and Stephanie will help them find what they need,” Grabbe said. “Both learned early on where our many in-store products are located and know how to find items not on display. And to top it off, they are building a nice rapport with our clientele.”

OPI is located at 1204 Main in Great Bend, 516 Broadway in Larned and 724 N. Main in Russell.