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National, state flooding concerns prompt look at insurance issues
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Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance.
Commissioner Selzer reminds Kansans that the National Flood Insurance Program is a federal program, and policies are not regulated by the Kansas Insurance Department (KID). However, Kansas licensed insurance agents can sell NFIP flood insurance policies, and those agents are regulated by KID.
“The Kansas Insurance Department can answer basic questions about flood insurance through our Consumer Assistance Hotline, 1-800-432-2484, or through our online chat service at,” said Commissioner Selzer. “Our representatives recently received updated information on flood insurance and flood plain mapping procedures.”
One major consideration Commissioner Selzer emphasizes is awareness that there is a 30-day waiting period after the purchase of a flood insurance policy before the coverage goes into effect. The typical policy premium is approximately $500 per year, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which oversees the flood insurance program.
“Another consideration during flood season concerns those who may be purchasing used vehicles,” Commissioner Selzer said. “Vehicles which have been declared flood damaged or designated as salvage vehicles in other parts of the United States could end up in Kansas masquerading as acceptable used-car selections. Be sure to check the vehicle’s title history and inspect the vehicle carefully for any signs of water damage.”
Flood plain mapping and insurance were topics of questions for KID representatives at the recent Kansas State Fair. Those questions should be directed to the following personnel at the Kansas Department of Agriculture:
Flood Insurance—Tom Morey, NFIP coordinator, 785-296-5440; or Steve Samuelson, NFIP specialists, 785-296-4622.
Flood Plain Mapping—Dane Bailey, flood map coordinator, 785-296-7769; or Tara Lanzrath, flood map specialist, 785-296-2513.
The FEMA Region VII office is in Kansas City, Mo. The phone number is 816-283-7980. NFIP information can also be found online at