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Nex-Tech Wireless announces new message manager product
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Nex-Tech Wireless has announced the launch of a new text messaging management service entitled Message Manager. Message Manager allows customers to monitor, customize and place text messaging restrictions for any line on their account. Messaging personalization options allow you to copy and forward messages to other mobile numbers or e-mail addresses.  You can also create personalized signatures that are added to every message you send, as well as customized auto-reply messages.
Additional features of this service include messaging control and management options. Messaging control options are available to give you the flexibility to limit who can access your mobile number via text messages. Blocking numbers or emails as well as limited access during specific time periods are also included features. Message management options enable you to save contact information and set up groups to simplify messaging to multiple numbers or e-mail addresses. You can also access the content of your sent and received messages through this feature.
Setting up your Message Manager account is fast and easy. Simply visit the Nex-Tech Wireless website at, click on the Message Manager icon. Complete the registration form on the Message Manager website, after the form has been completed contact Customer Care by dialing 611 from your Nex-Tech Wireless phone, or 877-621-2600 to receive your activation code. The activation code is needed to complete your registration and will only be provided to verified account holders. Enter your activation code on the Message Manager website and begin utilizing the service.
“With the launch of Message Manager we are excited to offer options to our customers that have never been available before. Message Manager is a great tool for any parent, care giver or guardian to ensure their loved ones are safe while using today’s newest technology. The customization options available with Message Manager are also a great resource for anyone who uses text messaging to correspond with several individuals at one time. The ease of use and activation make this product stress-free for anyone to use,” stated Karly Rogers, Director of Sales, Marketing & Customer Care for Nex-Tech Wireless.
For more information about this product please contact Customer Care at 611 from your Nex-Tech Wireless phone or 877-621-2600.