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Office Products Inc. enhances network-security services for customers
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Computer service IT technicians at Office Products Inc. continue to enhance network-security services for their customers. From left to right are Drake Toll, Bill Williams, Patrick Jacobs and Steve Black.

 Network-security services are not new at Office Products Inc. (OPI) but recent enhancements are making them even more accommodating to customers, said Patrick Jacobs, lead service IT technician.

            “Even though network security is an ongoing effort here at OPI, we have made great strides in recent months,” Jacobs said. “Now we can offer our clientele even more peace of mind.”

            Network security encompasses many factors, with multiple layers of protection for entities of all sizes. One of those factors is onsite and offsite backup services, which allow OPI to protect computer data locally and in the cloud.

            “Since data is a critical component of any business or agency, this redundancy is critical,” Jacobs said. “We can back up your data every five minutes or daily. Most clients choose an hourly back-up system.”

            But OPI is not only concerned with software problems; its technicians also caution customers about possible hardware issues.

            “If there is a disaster and you lose a computer, we can recover your data and have you back up and running quickly,” Jacobs said. “It would be a nightmare trying to continue basic tasks such as billing clients and paying expenses without data.”

            Another network-security factor is called “patch management.” This means OPI will remotely manage computer updates.

            “This is not just for operating systems; it is also for browsers, emails and firewalls,” Jacobs noted. “With all the vulnerabilities out there, you are opening yourself up for problems if the system is not patched.”

            A third aspect is network and firewall monitoring. “We can watch for the bad stuff,” Jacobs commented. “If the back-up system isn’t working, it tells us remotely and we can address the issue quickly. In addition, if the firewall isn’t up-to-date, an intruder can come in through the router and cause mischief. We can help prevent that.”

            Bill Williams, another OPI service IT technician, noted that antivirus applications are another layer of protection. “This allows us the capability of monitoring from the cloud. We can keep an eye on your systems remotely. The name of the game is ‘remotely.’”

            The fifth aspect of network security is end-user training. OPI’s KnowBe4 service explains why security is important and what to watch for, especially in emails. KnowBe4 is an interactive training course that a company can use to monitor itself. The product is user-friendly and doesn’t take long to master.

            “We also do vulnerability scanning to ensure that devices are within standards,” Williams added.

            Drake Toll and Steve Black, OPI service IT technicians, work with their colleagues to provide network security to businesses, municipalities, farmers, health-care organizations and non-profit agencies.

            “We will go out and talk to people and explain how our services can prevent a catastrophe,” Williams said. “OPI serves entities of all sizes and caters to budgets of all sizes.”

            OPI is located at 1204 Main in Great Bend; 516 Broadway in Larned; and 724 N. Main in Russell.