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OPI technicians receive specialized office equipment training
Ryley Ney, left, and Daniel Crowe examine the inner workings of a Canon imagePRESS at Office Products Inc. in Great Bend. Ney and Crowe are OPI technicians who receive up-to-date training on Canon copiers and other office equipment.

When Office Products Inc. (OPI) learned that a customer ordered a new piece of office machinery, it didn’t take long for the family-owned company to seek specialized training on the device.

Daniel Crowe, OPI technician, recently completed the training in New Jersey. Now, he can help Barton Community College maintain its new Plockmatic, which makes paperback booklets.

“This is the perfect example of how OPI responds to its customers’ needs,” said Crowe, Great Bend. “When we discover that a client needs something, we make it happen.

“OPI is well-known for customer service. Part of that is a commitment to the most up-to-date training available. Since we are constantly challenged, we do not stagnate.”

Crowe, who has been at OPI for eight years, noted that much of the company’s success relates to it being family-owned and community-minded.

“I have worked for corporations but this family-owned aspect is really great,” Crowe commented. “The staff genuinely like the bosses and they like us back. This is pretty special.”

Much of the training OPI technicians receive is related to Canon copiers, which copy, print, fax, send emails and connect to the internet.

Crowe noted that early training on Canon equipment is hands-on, and begins in-house with colleagues and online information. When technicians are ready, the next step is Canon training in Dallas.

Ryley Ney

Ryley Ney, Ellinwood resident who has served OPI customers for 11 years, recently returned from two weeks in Dallas where he was trained on light production, color and black-and-white.

His efforts resulted in him being recognized as the Student of the Month by the Canon Training Center. Ney will return to Dallas early next year for full-color production training.

“These Canon copiers are top-of-the-line machines,” Ney said. “They perform many tasks and are reliable.”

Part of the Canon attraction is its diagnostic tools. “We can find out what the issue is quickly,” Ney said. “If the machine is on the internet, we can determine what to do even before we leave the store by connecting with it right away.

“For example, Canon lets us know if a part is malfunctioning, if there is a jam or the toner needs to be changed.”

Ney echoed Crowe’s comments about OPI’s success as a longtime downtown business. “Being family-owned and providing very thorough training are two of its main assets.

“All of us appreciate owners Kenny and Terry Vink who make coming to work a pleasure. They offer virtually all types of office supplies, equipment and furniture, and genuinely care about their community. These are great reasons to buy local.”

OPI’s locations are: 1204 Main in Great Bend; 516 Broadway in Larned; 724 N. Main in Russell; and 2001 Vine in Hays.