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PVCH Hospital Auxiliary buys sanitation system for hospital
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courtesy photo The Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Auxiliary recently purchased new technology for the hospital. Pictured from left to right are Janet Skelton, President Auxiliary; Pam Wong, Food and Support Service Director; Kendra Barker, PVCH CEO; Brenda Langdon, Human Resource Director

LARNED — The Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Auxiliary members recently got to hear about the latest advanced technology that they have purchased for the hospital.
Pam Wong, the Food and Support Service director at PVCH, explained the need and the use of the new sanitation system that will now be used throughout the hospital.
The machine, a Mondovap 2400 Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic Sanitation System, is totally green sanitation, safe for the environment. This vapor technology provides both cleaning and disinfection. It operates by blowing 220-degree steam through a wand attachment. The steam is so intense that it doesn’t soak the surfaces unless the operator holds it in one place for too long.
“The main thing is that we train people so they don’t get hurt,” Wong said. “The machine is safe and effective. The wand is long, and it has a variety of attachments that are suitable for any surface.”
The hospital now has a total of three sanitation systems, all functional and all in constant use throughout the entire facility. The machine is used for cleaning patient discharge rooms, clinic and patient precaution rooms, wound care clinic rooms and the kitchen.
It takes an average of 45 minutes to clean a regular dismissal room and, in the case of a specific caution room, it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours for total neutralization. This machine neutralizes bacteria, fungus, MRSA, VRE, Norovirus, C. difficile spores, mold, dust mites and bed bugs.
“We consider this machine to be very important for infection control,” Wong said.
“Our hospital administrators have been good stewards of the finances. The Foundation and the Auxiliary fill the gap when we need something that specifically is not affordable at the time. That’s where you guys (Auxiliary) fill the gap!” she remarked.