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PVCH retains Level IV Trauma Center designation
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              Pawnee Valley Community Hospital (PVCH) opened its doors and records to survey auditors and the result is the facility’s re-designation as a Level IV Trauma Center.

            PVCH became a Level IV center on June 11, 2014, and was re-designated by the Kansas Trauma Program a few weeks ago, without deficiencies.

            “This designation holds our hospital to a higher standard of providing quality care,” said Kendra Barker, director of nursing/interim chief executive officer. “It means we have the ability to provide advanced trauma life support before transferring patients to a higher-level trauma center.

            “Our trauma team deserves congratulations from the community,” Barker added. “They have worked hard to earn this re-designation.”

            During the survey, Kansas Trauma Program auditors visited the facility, talked with each department director and reviewed trauma-patient records.

            “They consider a number of factors, including the length of time the patient was here – from the time of admission to the time of discharge,” Barker said. “They also want to know if the trauma team was notified and the appropriate care was provided.

            “In addition,” Barker continued, “auditors want to be assured that the hospital and local emergency medical services have a good working relationship as we collaborate about a patient’s condition. They also consider the community education we provide.”

            The Kansas Trauma Program is a partnership between public and private organizations that address the treatment and survival of critically injured patients, Barker noted. It is designed to direct trauma patients to the best resources, based on the nature of the injury.

            The trauma system strives to ensure each patient is properly triaged and matched to the most appropriate resources as quickly as possible. This system increases survival rates and decreases the chance of permanent disability for patients who need rapid and specialized treatment that results in the best recovery, she added.

            Recommendations from the American College of Surgeons are followed during the Trauma Center Verification process.

            Elements of Level IV centers include:


Advanced trauma life support protocols and 24-hour laboratory coverage;

Availability of trauma nurses and physicians upon patient arrival;

Transfer agreements for patients needing a higher level of care;

Comprehensive quality assessment program; and

Prevention efforts.