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Rosewood employees honored for a collective 130 years of service
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Rosewood Services employees were recently recognized for their years of service. Pictured left to right are Tess Bradley, Bryan Freeman, Anna Hammond-Bodine, Dave Tudor, Freida Jobes, Amanda Hammond-Fellers, Vicki Schmitt, Patty Halseth, Ruth Shank, Virginia Jacobs, and Tammy Hammond. Not pictured are Christy Smith, Hazel Grace Johnson and Karen Andrulis. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Thirteen Rosewood Services employees were recognized for their years of service recently, including six employees who have been with the agency since its beginning 15 years ago. There are 130 years of service provided among the 13 employees recognized.
Rosewood Services founder and executive director Tammy Hammond recognized each of the employees at the employee Christmas party in late December.
“It’s especially exciting this year because, for the first time, we are able to recognize six of our employees for 15 years of service,” said Hammond. “I thank each one of them for sticking with our goals and our dreams and helping our clients succeed through the years. I’m also honored to recognize those celebrating 10 years and 5 years with our agency. Each one of them has been a great addition to Rosewood and we are better today because of what each has contributed as a dedicated employee.”
The 13 employees recognized are:
15-Year Employees
Vicki Schmitt, who has been with the agency since its very first day of operation. She is the senior director for Rosewood Services.
Patty Halseth is financial coordinator for Rosewood Services, joining the agency two months after its beginning.
Ruth Shank started with Rosewood three months after its doors opened in May 1998 and she continues working part-time as file clerk.
Christy Smith has been with Rosewood Services since it began and has served as a long-standing house lead in Residential Department.
Virginia Jacobs started with Rosewood Services during its inaugural year in 1998, and she continues working as direct care staff for the Residential Department.
Hazel Grace Johnson also joined Rosewood Services during its first year, working as direct care staff for the Residential Department.
10-Year Employee
Amanda Hammond-Fellers has been with Rosewood Services since its beginning, but joined the agency officially 10 years ago. She has held many jobs during that time and currently serves as director of services.
5-Year Employees
Tess Bradley started with Rosewood Service in 2008 and serves the agency as its financial assistant.
Karen Andrulis has worked in Day Services for Rosewood Services for the past five years. She mainly works with the clients participating in therapeutic horse riding at the Rosewood Rancn.
Bryan Freeman has worked part-time as direct care staff in the Residential Department since 2008. He has regularly helped Rosewood’s therapeutic riders with horse shows and rodeo activities over the years.
 Anna Hammond-Bodine has been involved with Rosewood Services at a young age, but started officially with the agency five years ago, serving many roles, but mostly in the financial department. She currently serves as business assistant for Rosewood.
Freida Jobes, has worked as direct care staff in the Residential Department since coming on board five years ago.
Dave Tudor has worked in Administration and Residential Departments at Rosewood Services during his five years with the agency. He currently serves as a direct care staff in the Residential Department.