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St. Rose infusion clinic expands for patient comfort
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Karen Bohn, R.N., offers treatment to Ed Herl in the St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center infusion clinic. The clinic has been expanded and remodeled.

Patients who have a history with the St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center infusion clinic are receiving their treatments in the same area but it may seem like a whole new world when they first step in. The clinic has been remodeled and expanded to offer an even higher level of care, said St. Rose Vice President Linda Farthing.
“In addition to offering the best care available anywhere, our new infusion clinic is providing more privacy, comfort and staff consistency for our patients,” Farthing said. “This expansion was designed with the patient in mind at all times.”
The first-floor clinic offers a variety of treatments that are ordered by the patients’ physicians. They include IV transfusions, IV antibiotics, wound care, dressing changes, allergy shots, intra-muscular injections and other IV therapies.
“These services are so important for many patients,” Farthing noted. “For example, if a patient needs daily IV antibiotics over a period of time, our infusion clinic allows them to stay out of the hospital. They still receive the care they need, while returning to normal life as quickly as possible.”
Patients also can receive chemotherapy adjuncts to rebuild blood cells before a chemo treatment; chemo is not administered at the infusion clinic.
“Some treatments take about 20 minutes and others involve several hours,” Farthing said. “But no matter how long it takes, we want our patients to have some of the comforts of home.”
There are now three private rooms in the clinic, and each is equipped with a comfortable recliner chair and television. And for those who don’t want to be without their laptops, St. Rose offers a wireless connection.
The infusion clinic is staffed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday by at least one of two registered nurses, Karen Bohn and Sara Shaw. The clinic, which averages 350 visits a month, is also available on Sunday when necessary.
“The clinic is next to our Urgent Care Center and its physicians are always available for any issues or questions,” Farthing noted. “Family doctors order the clinic treatments but our Urgent Care M.D.s oversee patient care here. We also will contact the family doctor whenever necessary.”
Lab work, imaging and other diagnostic services also are on hand at St. Rose for the patient’s convenience, Farthing added.
Karen Bohn, R.N., has 32 years of nursing experience at St. Rose, which formerly was named Central Kansas Medical Center. Three of those years have been in the infusion clinic. Shaw has four years experience at St. Rose/CKMC and one in the clinic.
“Our patients have been telling us how much they like the new surroundings,” Bohn said. “They are enjoying the privacy and comfort of the private rooms.
“They also appreciate that any time they come in they will see either Sara or me,” Bohn added. “Seeing a familiar face is so important to infusion-clinic patients. We want to do whatever we can to accommodate them.”
If a patient is not able to seek treatment at the clinic, Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice will go to them. GBHH&H is a member of the St. Rose family.