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'Judgement House' postponed due to COVID-19
judgement house 2017
Members of the Judgement House team rehearse their parts for the walk-through drama in this file photo from 2017. This year’s Judgement House presentation, “Overdose,” was scheduled for the weekend before Halloween but has been postponed until February of 2021 due to cast members being quarantined.

The upcoming Judgement House at Great Bend’s First Church of the Nazarene has been postponed until February of 2021. Sponsors announced Thursday that the October production was scrapped “due to COVID-19 and the quarantining of several key Judgement House team members.”

Judgement House has sometimes been described as an alternative to Halloween’s haunted house attractions – a walk-through gospel presentation with an edge. Each year features a different script; 2014’s “Abducted” told the story of several teenagers whose lives were cut short by tragedy. The final scenes of heaven and hell depict what happens after death to those who have accepted Christ and those who have rejected him.

Although the event is always held at the church at 4811 Broadway Ave. in Great Bend, around 100 volunteers from more than a dozen area churches are part of the production team. After the final scene, guests are invited to accept Jesus as their savior or to rededicate their lives if they are already Christians.

“We have regretfully decided to postpone Judgement House until February 20th & 21st, 2021,” sponsors said in a message to the church family and Judgement House members. “Please be in prayer for God’s wisdom as we continue to serve His kingdom.”