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Barton County 4-Hers do well at state fair
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There were over 9,000 exhibits in 4-H Centennial Hall at the Kansas State Fair and many 4-H members were also involved in judging events.

Barton County 4-H was well represented and had some positive results.

The Intermediate Poultry Judging Team placed second in the state!

Mikey Hughes placed fifth and Shiani Hughes placed ninth as individuals.

Heather Schneider and Austin VanderMeer were the other intermediate team members. The senior team placed sixth with Athena VanderMeer placing fifth and Alexis Woods placing 11th. Colby Barton and Gracie Brantley were the other team members.

The Family Consumer Science contest includes classes on foods, clothing and consumer issues. The intermediate team placed seventh out of 49 teams. Our highest placing individual was Kayleigh Bitter with a ninth place finish out of 197 members judging. Other members were Shaini Hughes, BreAnn Anshutz, and Anna Frizell. The Senior Family and Consumer Science team placed 27th in the state and Colin Miller was 17th high individual. Other team members were Kyle Blakeslee, Kristi DeWerff and Drew Reisner.

The senior photography judging team placed 15th as a team and top placing members were Anna Frizell at 37th and Bonny Boultinghouse at 38th. Kayla Reisner and Elizabeth Swigart were the other team members. The intermediate team members were Sarah Niederee, Hannah Mauler and Jenna Hertel.

In the State 4-H Fashion Revue, Allie Niederee was a contestant in the Buymanship division, received a purple rating and was called back to be considered for champion. Bonny Boultinghouse was in the constructed fashion revue and received a blue rating.

The largest division at the state fair is 4-H Photography with over 2,000 exhibits. Jenna Snell’s photo was selected for the Photo Traveling Collection. Kayleigh Bitter’s photo was a 4-H Foundation Selection and may be used in the 4-H Journal, the calendar or in another publication. Other members exhibiting and receiving blue ribbon ratings were Colby Barton, Bonny Boultinghouse, Sarah Frakes, Anna Frizell, Alyssa Jean, Amber Karst, Nikki Hunter, McKenna Mauler, Payton Mauler, Brinttain Noah, Drew, Kayla and Kirk Reisner, Breckyn Rowley, Athena and Austin VanderMeer. Red ribbons were awarded to Devin and Jadin Boone, Desmond Noah, Lexie Brack, Hannah Mauler, Kaitlyn Rodie, Tiffany Schneider. Alexis Woods received a white ribbon rating.

Another very large department is the foods area with over 1,200 exhibits. Alyssa Jean, Hannah Mauler and Julie Bitter received purple ribbons on foods. Receiving blues were Sarah Niederee and Kaitlyn Rodie. Brandy Bodine, Kristi DeWerff, Jacob Durrett, Grace Eckels, Anna Frizell, Robert Frizell, Allie Niederee placed with a red. In Food Preservation, Kayleigh Bitter received a blue on a preserved tomato product.

In Clothing and Textiles, the purple ribbon winners were Anna Frizell, Jenna Hertel and Hannah Mauler. Julie Bitter and Karly Brungardt received blue ribbons. Grace Eckels, Morgan Kaiser and Karly Brungardt received red ribbon ratings.

The Fiber Arts department combines crocheting, knitting, quilting, weaving, needle arts and macrame in one division. Sarah Niederee and Allie Niederee received purples on their patchwork quilts. Sarah Frakes received blue and Heather Schneider received red on their quilts. In needle arts, Betsy Snell received a red on her cross stitch picture. Macy Stambaugh received a white on crochet.

Arts and Crafts exhibits are not judged at the State fair but some exhibits are chosen for display for various activities. Lexie Brack’s art piece and Tiffany Schneider’s pencil drawing will be displayed at Rock Springs Ranch 4-H Center for the year. Other items exhibited were by Drew Reisner and Kayleigh Bitter.

Kristi DeWerff and Brinttain Noah received blues and Kayla Reisner received red on their Home Environment notebooks. Katelyn Reh exhibited a shooting sports promotional poster and received a purple ribbon rating. In rocketry, Austin VanderMeer received a white rating. Lexie Brack received a blue ribbon on her culinary herb exhibit.

Julie Bitter and Lexie Brack exhibited red ribbon annual garden flowers. In the horticulture division, Kristi DeWerff received three purples and one blue and Lexie Brack placed with a blue in the vegetable classes. In crops, Julie Bitter received a blue on a gallon jar of Hard Red Winter Wheat. Kyle Blakeslee received a red on his wheat variety plot display.

4-H Banners exhibited at the Kansas State Fair were designed by 4-H members in Great Bend City Slickers, Hoisington Jets and 4-H clubs.

Breckyn Rowley placed third in the state in the 4-year-and-older stock-type geldings. Colby Barton received blues in classes of bantams and production hens. Athena VanderMeer received a blue and three reds in rabbits and Austin VanderMeer received reds on his junior buck and junior doe.

The state 4-H Dog Show was held on Saturday, Sept.18 and seven dog members qualified for the state show. Receiving purple ribbons were Nicole Likes, Christopher Reed-Pettijohn, Katelyn Reh and Cierra Schneweis. Gracie Brantley and Tiffany Schneider placed in the blue ribbon group and Kayleigh Bitter received a red ribbon.

Berny Unruh is the 4-H and Youth Development Extension Agent in Barton County. She is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at 620-793-1910 or at