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Garden Club members learn history and share stories of house plants
COURTESY PHOTO Alice Young included some of her own house plants at the recent Great Bend Garden Club meeting as she led a program on the history and care of house plants.

Thirteen members of Great Bend Garden Club met on Sept. 21, in the Senior Center Meeting Room. The meeting opened with the Gardener’s Prayer let by President Nancy Williams.

Alice Young presented an interesting program on house plants. With a large variety of house plants on display, with such names as rattlesnake plant and maiden-hair fern, Alice first gave a brief synopsis of the long history of house plants.

For thousands of years the Egyptians and Greeks (1200’s -1300’s) used houseplants now called gillyflowers which are similar to carnations, Wealthy ancient Asians had plants in their homes. In Northern Europe in the 17th thru 19th centuries wealthy Europeans had orangeries which were large windowed rooms in residences in which were grown fruit trees to protect them in the winter. So through the years a large variety of plants have been grown indoors both for enjoyment and necessity. 

Displaying a variety of present day popular house plants, Alice then shared a photo and a story of a childhood memory of learning to care for house plants from her mother when, as a Brownie Scout, her mother (as their leader) had her troop first craft a small pot from a tuna can and straight clothespins and plant a cutting in it to take home. Then each Garden Club member selected one variety of the cuttings Alice provided and shared both the name of the plant, told of its characteristics and how it should be cared for. 

Stories of the member’s experiences with a variety of house plants were shared and questions were asked and helpfully answered. Refreshments were furnished by Teresa Bachand. 

The next meeting of Great Bend Garden Club will be on Oct. 19 in the GB Senior Center meeting room at 10 a.m. Visitors and new members are welcome.