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TOPS seeking members
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Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a national not-for-profit organization that offers residents a cost effective option to lose weight and become healthier, and it is looking at expanding its membership locally, said Beverly A. Bednasek, a Kansas TOPS coordinator from Valley Center.
TOPS offers:
• Weekly meetings with private weigh-in
• Healthy eating programs and information
• TOPS healthy eating plan available
• On-line resources and tools for members
• Group support, contests and recognition
•  Annual Cost of only $28
Bednasek said TOPS has 172 support groups in Kansas and groups in many local communities.
 Based in Milwaukee, Wis., TOPS has about 150,000 members (women, men, children) in about 9,000 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. Weekly meetings include private weigh-ins and professionally prepared, informational chapter programs, featuring up-to-date information on nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles.
Programs provide positive reinforcement and motivation to adhere to food and exercise programs.
Goal weight is set in consultation with a member’s healthcare professional.
To locate a support group, contact Bednasek at or 316-755-1055, or visit
There is a morning TOPS group in Great Bend already. For information, call 620-793-8998.