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Video shows agitated moose ram into vehicle
What happens when a moose and a car meet on a narrow road in Norway? Spoiler alert: one of them ends up with a cracked windshield. - photo by Grant Olsen
THE GREAT OUTDOORS Moose are no strangers to violent encounters. After all, they're known to engage with each other in brutal battles. Given the size and power of these animals, injuries are common, with some even resulting in death.

On the lighter side of things, moose also go after inanimate objects like tire swings from time to time. Video footage from a backyard in Washington shows that tussles of this kind are much more amusing than dangerous.

A new video from Norway shows just what can happen when a car gets too close to wildlife. The incident occurred on a snowy roadway when a driver encountered a young moose. The road was fairly narrow, with snow piled up on either side, so it would've been difficult for the driver to navigate around the animal.

Rather than wait for the moose to eventually work its way off the road, the driver in the video chuckles while rolling down his window and tries to convince the moose to get out of the way. He slowly drives along behind the animal and talks to the animal, using plenty of good-natured chuckles and kissing sounds.

As the video progresses, however, the moose seems unimpressed. It plods along the road, occasionally turning around to stare at the driver. At about the 1:40 mark in the video, the moose seems to lose its patience with the nuisance on its tail. The animal faces the car, then charges it, colliding with the windshield.

Satisfied with the numerous cracks it left traversing the windshield like spiderwebs, the triumphant moose then jogs off into the woods. Surprisingly, the driver doesn't seem too worried about the damage. He laughs it off as another motorist pulls up to survey the damage.