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You can use junk to keep your decor fresh
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(ARA) — As colder weather arrives, you are probably looking to freshen up your home decor. While it might be counterintuitive, a great way to do this is by using items you might not otherwise have a need for — or to put it bluntly, junk.
You may have already heard about a growing trend called “junking,” which involves incorporating junk in your home decor. This allows for imaginative self-expression, endless possibilities for original design, and the ability to make your interiors stylishly green.
Sue Whitney knows a thing or two about breathing new life into things some would consider junk. She’s been leading the trend for the last decade, founding the premiere junking website
The right products and tools are essential for crafting unique junk projects. Hammers, nails and super glue are good essentials to start with, in your junker’s toolbox. Gorilla Super Glue is the perfect adhesive if you are looking to embellish your finds with other objects. For creating projects and other project fixes, the original Gorilla Glue works well.
As Whitney says, “Create your own style - one piece of junk at a time.” Here are a few of her suggestions on how to cozy up your cottage for the cool weather season:
• A little repositioning of furniture and accessories, a change of accent color, and a few new junk acquisitions or creative projects will take you down the transition highway quickly and easily. For example, tightening up your conversation pits will make your rooms seem cozier. You can achieve this by simply moving your furniture a bit closer and adding a few extra accessory junk pieces. When it’s cool outside, the closer, the better.
• Vintage pillows and throws are staples in the junking world. Trade in your light and bright cotton throws for ones with autumnal colors and cozy wool. Accent pillows with contrasting vintage textiles on either side will take you directly from summer to fall with a single flip.
• Thoughtfully combining colors and textures is a key element in cultivating good junk design. Trends for the season are all basic and neutrals. Galvanized metal, warm woods, whitewashed architectural salvage and weathered concrete pieces provide a stunning backdrop for your home.