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New CT simulator, software at Heartland Cancer Center enhance radiation treatment
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Krista Brewer, radiation therapist, talks with Donald Schlaht, patient, who is being scanned with the new CT simulator at Heartland Cancer Center. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Heartland Cancer Center is now equipped with an 8-slice CT simulator that allows a quicker and more comfortable scan for patients who need radiation, HCC Director Jamie Hutchinson said.

The new CT simulator replaces a 1-slice, and is used for planning radiation treatments.

"This specialized equipment allows our radiation oncologist to quickly capture a larger area of concern," Hutchinson said. "The 8-slice CT simulator’s speed reduces the chance of patient movement, and thus increases focus and accuracy. Its images of a tumor are clear and precise, which means the oncologist has even more information when constructing the patient treatment plan.

"This CT simulator provides information much quicker too," Hutchinson added. "It allows more time for the doctor and patient to visit about the treatment plan. It is always good to have more patient-physician time, especially when the images can show areas of potential tumor involvement. The doctor can review results with the patients so they better understand why the treatment is necessary."

In addition, the linear accelerator, which is used in radiation treatment, has been equipped with new Aria software, said Krista Brewer, HCC radiation therapist. Brewer works with Dr. Claudia Perez-Tamayo, radiation oncologist at the cancer center; the linear accelerator sometimes is referred to as SmartBeam technology.

"This new software offers better patient identifiers, which translates to a safe, accurate, quick treatment," Brewer commented. "Our patients can be assured that Dr. Perez-Tamayo is getting the best information possible to help her arrive at the appropriate plan of treatment and care."

Mark Mingenback, St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center director of business strategy and marketing, noted the facility is "firmly committed" to bringing in the best personnel and equipment. The cancer center is a member of the St. Rose family.

"This new equipment and software at Heartland Cancer Center will help us provide the highest level of care," Mingenback said. "The cancer center’s personnel is second to none and we will do all we can to provide them with state-of-the-art equipment."