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Veteran designation now available on Kansas drivers licenses and photo ID cards
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The Kansas Department of Revenue offers honorably discharged veterans another way to show that they have served their country, a veteran’s designation on their driver’s license or photo identification card.
The word “VETERAN” will appear in red capital letters beneath the license holder’s photo. If the applicant is asking for the designation to be put on when renewing or getting a new driver’s license, there is no additional fee for the designation. If they are reissuing a driver’s license that has not expired there is an $8 fee to reissue the license but no additional fee for the veteran designation.
To qualify for driver’s license with the veteran designation, applicants must bring in a DD-214 that indicates a discharge of “honorable” “general” or “general under honorable conditions” or a letter from the Kansas Veteran’s Commission.
“Our veterans are rightfully proud of their service to their country and state, this is one more way they can let people know that they served,” said Director of Vehicles Lisa Kaspar.