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Hoisington council revisits mower bids discussion
Hoisington City Council members
Hoisington City Council members listen to City Manager Jonathan Mitchell give the city operations on March 25. - photo by Riley Brungardt

HOISINGTON – At the Hoisington City Council meeting on Monday, Lindsay Reif, Hoisington Veterinary Hospital owner, presented multiple additions and comments to the current Municipal Holding Facility Contract. The hospital requested time in front of the council to discuss amendments to the contract they entered into on Jan. 1. These amendments will need further consideration from the council members.

Additional discussion regarding the public works mower bids was on the agenda. The original discussion and decision occurred at a previous meeting on March 11. The council decided to offer two separate businesses the opportunity to split the bid.

“Originally we wanted to disperse funds and support more than one local business,” City Manager Jonathan Mitchell said.

However, this had to be revisited because not all parties involved were satisfied with the decision. One of the bidders believed that the bids would be considered as a whole instead of being broken up into three separate bids. They requested the city offer the bids as a whole; the city obliged and gave the bids as a whole.

At his city operations update, Mitchell said the city is still seeking pool staff including concession stand workers, lifeguards and managers.

He also reported that citizens have made requests for well setback variances.

The city will abide by its code. Generally accepted setback requirements will be enforced unless there is some compelling reason for exception. “If we give a variance for one, I’d assume we’d have to consider it for more,” Mitchell said.

Other updates included: first impressions program, fence proposal around the new generator, insurance proceedings on fire-damaged properties, and the columbariums setup.