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A closet full of crafty things
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Cleaning out closets could produce a treasure trove of craft supplies. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Editor’s note:  This is the sixth and final installment in a two week series featuring ideas of low- and no-cost activities families and kids can do during winter break.  

With four days left of winter break, you may have finally reached your wits end.  If you haven’t already resorted to it, there’s always the option of sending the kids to their rooms to clean out their closets and drawers.  But it doesn’t have to be a chore.  Tell them you’re sending them on a recon mission to find and bring back craft supplies.  
Socks with no match can be turned into several interesting items, from puppets and stuffed animals to jump ropes, dog toys, and cleaning supplies.  

Sock ideas

Old t-shirts can be fashioned into new fashion designs with nothing more than a pair of scissors and your imagination.  They can also become dust rags, ties, and grocery bags.  You can even cut one into one long, continuous strip and use as yarn.

T-shirt ideas

The internet is also full of amazing ideas to reuse old jeans.   One of the persistent fashion trends of the past few years have been jeans dripping with “bling.”  Instructions for turning them into fanciful Mardis-Gras inspired masks are out there if you look for them.  

Jeans ideas

Sweaters, too, can be reused creatively, as leg warmers, materials for matching gloves and scarves, slippers, dog beds, and toys.  

Sweater ideas

These should keep your kiddos busy through the rest of the weekend, and before you know it, school will be back in session.  Hopefully, everyone will have plenty of happy memories to look back on, not to mention ideas for the inevitable snow days yet to come.